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Definitions of some key words:

  • Assignment - An activity to be performed. If this activity is related to a goal (i.e. linked with the goal), the individual's performance in relation to the goal can be rated.
  • Associate - The act of relating one worksite with another. In doing so, it is then possible to link activities in one worksite to goals in the same or another worksite.
  • Data Point - A generic activity. For activities that occur outside of the system, a data point can be created as a way to link and rate automatically generated submissions.
  • Goal - An objective that may be related to activities that a student is expected to perform. A goal may contain zero or more subgoals.
  • Goal Set - A group of related goals that are managed together.
  • Grade - The act of evaluating a student's assignment submission. This is an indicator of successful completion of the assignment. This is not to be confused with the similar action of rating links.
  • Link - The act of relating an activity to a goal. Successful completion of the activity should indicate progress towards the related goal.
  • Publish - The act of making a set of goals (goal set) available for linking. Only goals within published goal sets can be linked to.
  • Rate - The act of evaluating a student's performance in relation to a goal. This is an indicator of successfully demonstrating progress towards the desired objective.
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