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Tigra Terms of Use

Original License

License Style


Packaging strategy / requirements

Copy of License Text

This is from the files themselves...

Tigra has specific licenses all in the following format. The specifics change by the product.

// Title: Tigra Calendar// URL:
// Version: 3.2 (European date format)
// Date: 10/14/2002 (mm/dd/yyyy)
// Feedback: (specify product title in the subject)
// Note: Permission given to use this script in ANY kind of applications if
// header lines are left unchanged.
// Note: Script consists of two files: calendar?.js and calendar.html
// About us: Our company provides offshore IT consulting services.
// Contact us at if you have any programming task you
// want to be handled by professionals. Our typical hourly rate is $20.
// if two digit year input dates after this year considered 20 century.

This is from the website...

There is no license fee or royalty fee to be paid at any time for using the Tigra Calendar
You may include the source code or modified source code within your own projects for either personal or commercial use but excluding the restrictions outlined below. The following restrictions apply to all parts of the component, including all source code, samples and documentation.

  • The above items CAN NOT be sold as are, either individually or together.
  • The above items CAN NOT be modified and then sold as a library component, either individually or together.
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