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In Progress...

This page is under active development and is an exercise in trying to gather planning information that would be useful in creating roadmaps for the major/minor release scheme laid out in the Proposed Release Practice Guidelines, and as a result may be inaccurate in a number of areas.

Sakai Roadmap

  • A major release of Sakai would have a Feature Freeze two months before the code is frozen, branched from trunk, and a four-six month QA period begins.
  • A minor release of Sakai would have a Feature Freeze two weeks before the code is frozen, branched from trunk, and a one-month QA period begins.

Release Timeline

Dates below are only estimates; the further out, the less accurate. In particular because releases will dominantly be driven by features rather than dates.

First date is Feature Freeze, second date is Release Date.

  • 2.5 Major Release (October 2007/Febrary 2008)
    • 2.6 Minor Release (March 2008/April 2008)
    • 2.7 Minor Release (June 2008/July 2008)
  • 3.0 Major Release (September 2008/February 2009)
    • 2.9 Minor Release (October 2008/November 2008)
    • 2.10 Minor Release (December 2008/January 2009)
    • 3.1 Minor Release (March 2009/April 2009)
    • 3.2 Minor Release (June 2009/July 2009)
  • 4.0 Major Release (September 2009/February 2010)
    • 3.3 Minor Release (October 2009/November 2009)
    • 3.4 Minor Release (December 2009/January 2010)
    • ...

Feature Timeline

Estimated time at which a feature will be ready to be included in a release.

  • January 2008
    • A new RSF-based version of the Mailtool (Georgia Tech)
    • An initial iteration of new RSF-based "Assignments2" (Indiana/Georgia Tech)
  • Late-2008 (In time for next Major Release.)
    • Assignments
      • Refactoring of db to improve performance; involves moving selected meta data from XML blob into table columns and supporting migration code. (UM)
      • A more complete version of "Assignments2" (Indiana/Georgia Tech)
    • Email Archive
      • Develop performance improvements for when there are a large number of messages in the archive. (Charles Severance)
    • Resources/Content Hosting Service
      • JCR implementation, testing and migration. (Cambridge)
      • Initial Fluid redesign of as-yet-undetermined components associated with Resources UX.
    • Samigo
      • Allow editing a published assessment. (Stanford)
      • Add ability to release assessments to groups. (UCT)
    • Portal
      • Develop an iFrame portlet that will completely replace the tool iFrame; this will eliminate one frame for web content tools. (University of Michigan, Charles Severance)
      • Add a new view which allows a tool to request that it be shown maximized and in a frame set rather than an iFrame; helpful for things like publisher content, SCORM players, etc. that already have left-hand buttons and in preventing double scroll-bars. (University of Michigan, Charles Severance)
    • Component
      • Support for more flexible configuration of components, SAK-8315. (Berkeley; Ray Davis)
    • User Membership (Currently Provisional)
      • Include the created and last modified date on the screen and in the CSV export. (UFP, Nuno Fernandes)
      • Filtering the searching and viewing of users to only those users with the same named usertype(s). (UFP, Nuno Fernandes)
    • Non-Release Related Work in this Time-Frame
      • When the 2.5 portal solidifies, create post-2.3 and post-2.4 branches to make its functionality available to those running Sakai 2.3 and 2.4. (Charles Severance)
  • Early-2009
    • "Assignments2" delivered (Indiana/Georgia Tech)
  • Mid-2009
    • Gallery (Berkeley)
  • "Future" – Features folks are working on or plan to work on for which completion is hard to determine at this point, but which is likely to be more than a year away.
    • Off-line Sakai (?)
    • OpenCast (Berkeley)

Adopter Timelines


Tentative Timeline

University of Cape Town

2.4 to 2.5 December 2007

Rutgers University

2.3 to 2.5 January 2008

University of Michigan

2.4 to 2.5 August 2008

University of California, Davis

2.4 to 2.5 September 2008

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