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In Progress...

This page is under active development and is an exercise in trying to gather planning information that would be useful in creating roadmaps for the major/minor release scheme laid out in the Proposed Release Practice Guidelines, and as a result may be inaccurate in a number of areas.

Sakai Roadmap

  • A major release of Sakai would have a Feature Freeze two months before the code is frozen, branched from trunk, and a four-six month QA period begins.
  • A minor release of Sakai would have a Feature Freeze two weeks before the code is frozen, branched from trunk, and a one-month QA period begins.

Release Timeline

Dates below are only estimates; the further out, the less accurate. In particular because releases will dominantly be driven by features rather than dates.

First date is Feature Freeze, second date is Release Date.

  • 2.5 Major Release (October 2007/Febrary 2008)
    • 2.6 Minor Release (March 2008/April 2008)
    • 2.7 Minor Release (June 2008/July 2008)
  • 3.0 Major Release (September 2008/February 2009)
    • 2.9 Minor Release (October 2008/November 2008)
    • 2.10 Minor Release (December 2008/January 2009)
    • 3.1 Minor Release (March 2009/April 2009)
    • 3.2 Minor Release (June 2009/July 2009)
  • 4.0 Major Release (September 2009/February 2010)
    • 3.3 Minor Release (October 2009/November 2009)
    • 3.4 Minor Release (December 2009/January 2010)
    • ...

Feature Timeline

Estimated time at which a feature will be ready to be included in a release.

  • January 2008
    • RSF-based Mailtool
  • Mid-2009
    • Gallery
    • OpenCast
  • "Future" – Features planned to be worked on in the future, more than a year off at least.
    • Off-line Sakai

Adopter Timelines



University of Michigan

2.4 to 2.5 August 2008

University of California, Davis

2.4 to 2.5 September 2008

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