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If you have updated planning information to share, you can either comment on this page or email the Project Coordinator (Peter A. Knoop). Thanks.

Sakai Roadmap

The next major release, Sakai 2.6, is anticipated to include the functionality listed below that is expected to be completed by Code Freeze on or around 29-Sep-2008. A Feature Freeze to help solidify the list of functionality and focus final development efforts will occur two months prior to Code Freeze, on or around 31-Aug-2008.

What's in Sakai 2.6?

Cross-Project Activities

  • Internationalization
    • Update translations (Beth Kirschner, Internationalization Working Group)
  • Kernel
    • A "K1" kernel release that brings all of the current components together in a single place.
  • Performance WG
    • Implementation of a working, proof-of-concept generic Sakai performance testing environment, including data.
    • Establish baseline tests for tools and build a test results library for comparisons among releases.
  • Testing
    • Consolidation of Sakai integration test frameworks ( SAK-12334 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Migration of existing tests to new consolidated framework.
    • Support for addition of new tests to code using new framework.
  • UX
    • Implement alternative UX for gateway, my workspace, and site setup from UX Improvement Project's designs.
  • General tasks
    • Provide support for db2 ( SAK-12986 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Provide support for using Websphere with Sakai ( SAK-13408 - Getting issue details... STATUS )


  • Assignments
    • Refactoring of db to improve performance; involves moving selected meta data from XML blob into table columns and supporting migration code.
    • Support for multiple submissions of an assignment on an assignment-wide basis.
    • Support of custom fields for assignments, with the ability to control who can see the field and when they can set it on a field-by-field basis. This addresses several common requirements, including model or example answers, notes to other instructors when collaboratively creating an assignment, a rubric for those grading the assignment, etc.
    • Improved integration with Schedule and Announcement; when an assignment opens, expose link to the assignment from schedule and announcement items .
  • Email Archive
    • Performance improvements for handling a large number of messages in the archive ( SAK-11544 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Gateway
    • Improve performance when there is a significant number of sites.
  • Gradebook
    • Ability to add multiple items at the same time ( SAK-12114 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Non-graded, non-calculating gradebook items ( SAK-10427 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Make letter grades non-calculating
  • Mailtool
    • Major re-write
    • Switch presentation technology to RSF from JSF.
    • Improvements in recipient selection, email validation, and group awareness.
  • Messages
    • Ability to reply all ( SAK-12073 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Option to turn off 'send to email' option in message composition for a site ( SAK-12176 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • OSP
    • Enhancements in the areas of Goal Management, Reports, and Matrices.
  • Page Order Helper
    • Support for page grouping.
  • Preferences
    • Add property to control which pages are available and in what order, setting the Customize Tabs as the default initial page ( SAK-6545 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).
    • Provide additional functionality in Tab Management to support moving sites to the absolute top or bottom of the list (i.e., double-arrows) and accommodate multi-item selection and manipulation (i.e., shift- and control- click).
  • Schedule
    • iCal External Subscription support in Schedule Tool ( SAK-12852 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Tests & Quizzes (a.k.a. Samigo)
    • Allow editing a published assessment.
    • Ability to release assessments to groups.
  • User Membership
    • Include the created and last modified date on the screen and in the CSV export.
    • Filtering the searching and viewing of users to only those users with the same named usertype(s).
  • Worksite Setup/Site Info
    • Add option to import and replace content from another site ( SAK-12433 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Support for creating sites from a template site. The selection of templates presented is based on the site type selected. If a template is selected, then the tool selection and configuration steps for site setup are skipped. The template site would contain tools and possibly content for the tools (e.g., folders, discussion topics, events, announcements) that would be replicated in the new site. Once the site is created, a user can still adjust the tools available via Site Info.
    • Support for optional survey questions, defined per site type, that would be presented when that site type is selected during site creation. Data would be stored as site properties, only accessible via SQL. Examples questions might include asking the site creator who they are (e.g., faculty, staff, student) and for what purpose they are creating the site.
    • Ability to add multiple chat rooms when adding the Chat Room tool to a site.
  • WYSIWYG Widget (FCKeditor)
    • FCKeditor upgrade to version 2.6.2, which brings in bug fixes and better Safari support.
    • FCKeditor plug-in to allow users to embed entities.

Services (Kernel)

  • Authz
    • View site as if in a different role ( SAK-7924 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Calendar
    • Add CaldAV support to Sakai's calendar service.
  • Cluster
    • Improve performance by switching to a JMS-based implementation ( SAK-12797 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Component
    • Support for more flexible configuration of components ( SAK-8315 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Content Hosting Service
    • JCR implementation, testing and migration.
    • Hooks for a virus-scanner service to support optional, add-on virus scanning capabilities ( SAK-12985 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).
  • Email
    • Refactor email service
  • Message
    • Improve performance and capabilities of the Message API and storage mechanisms ( SAK-12837 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Portal
    • Timeout alert, a popup warning to users before session ends ( SAK-8152 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Develop an iFrame portlet that will completely replace the tool iFrame; this will eliminate one frame for web content tools.
    • Add a new view which allows a tool to request that it be shown maximized and in a frame set rather than an iFrame; helpful for things like publisher content, SCORM players, etc. that already have left-hand buttons and in preventing double scroll-bars.

Future Plans

  • Late-2008
    • Tools
      • Gradebook
        • Calculating letter grades (Indiana)
  • Mid-2009
    • Tools
      • (Contrib) Assignments2 (Indiana/Georgia Tech)
        • Iteration 5 completed.
        • Using a JSON approach for rapid UI development.
        • UX goals: simplicity of screens, clarity of workflow, design for large class tasks as well as small.
        • Will work through several iterations of usability testing in May
        • Targeting deployment at Georgia Tech in August.
      • (Contrib) Gallery (Berkeley, Fluid)
        • Improvements and generalizations to make it easier for other institutions to adopt.
  • early August 2009 Sakai 2.7 Feature Freeze
    • Framework Services
      • Kernel
        • A K2 kernel release that brings all the components of the kernel into a single jar, which will require major refactoring of the code. (University of Cambridge, Ian Boston)
  • late September 2009 Sakai 2.7 Code Freeze

These are features and functionality that folks are working on (or plan to start work on) for which they do not have a good estimate for completion at this time.

    • Cross-Project Activities
      • Accessibility Working Group
        • Replace FCK Editor with TinyMCE, which is more accessible than the former, and re-implement customizations (e.g., Resource browsing).
        • Help test a frame-less version of Sakai.
        • Explore problem with Content iFrames becoming unusable when CSS is disabled.
        • Suggest improvements for keyboard-only use of Page Order tool.
        • Suggest fixes for unresolved "Accessibility" Jiras.
        • Expand accessibility testing to include Tests & Quizzes (Samigo) and OSP (Portfolio) tools.
      • Internationalization WG
        • Actively looking for volunteers to help address the issue with dynamically localizing page and tool titles. (University of Michigan, Beth Kirschner)
      • User Experience Working Group
        • Determine where consistency of wording across tools is needed and address it (e.g., SAK-9410 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Add and New, SAK-9678 - Getting issue details... STATUS Remove and Delete)
        • An improved and accessible date/time picker and pager for a consistent user experience across all Sakai tools, regardless of presenation technology. (Fluid)
    • Tools
      • Calendar
        • Zimbra calendar integration with Schedule tool. (Georgia Tech)
      • Calendar Widget
        • Update the calendar widget for Velocity-based tools (e.g., Assignments, Announcements, Schedule) to address internationalization and localization issues and for consistency with calendar widgets used by other presentation technologies elsewhere in Sakai. (University of Michigan, Zhen Qian)
      • (Contrib) IMS Tool Interoperability
        • Improve IMS Tool Interoperability portlet in concert with the Open University of Catelonia's Open Campus project. (University of Michigan, Charles Severance)
      • (Contrib) OpenCast (Berkeley)
        • A podcast capture, post-processing, and distribution system that will integrate current technological advancements, such as Apple's Podcast Producer, with existing academic community source frameworks, such as Sakai.
      • Worksite Setup/Site Info (University of Michigan, Zhen Qian)
        • Support for generic ability to add and configure multiple instances of a tool when adding the tool to a site.
        • A tool for generating statistics based on survey questions presented during site creation.
      • Solo (Off-line Sakai)
        • Ability to work with a local copy of Sakai (i.e., on your laptop, disconnected from the network) and sync between the local copy and your Sakai installation.
    • Framework and Services
      • Cluster Service
        • An alternative implementation based on JMS ( SAK-12797 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) (University of California - Davis, Thomas Amsler)
      • Portal
        • When the 2.5 portal solidifies, create post-2.3 and post-2.4 branches to offer its functionality to those running Sakai 2.3 and 2.4. (University of Michigan, Charles Severance)
      • Site Hierarchy (Oxford)
        • A service that allows sites to be arranged into a hierarchy (sites can exist at multiple nodes in a hierarchy or be their own single-point hierarchy) and manages the permissions on creation/updating the hierarchy.
        • A set of tools that allow you to manage a hierarchy of sites.
        • Development of a helper tool versions of SiteSetup (Site Info, Worksite Setup) and the site browser so that they can easily be embedded in a workflow.
        • A custom portal handler to support the /hierarchy namespace.

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