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  • OSP Working Group Meeting Notes (LaGuardia Community College, 4-10-2008)
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OSP Working Group Meeting Notes April 10, 2008 at La Guardia Community College

Working up enhancements requirements list for OSP 2.6 - time to provide inputs

Confluence site:

1. Lynn Ward reviewed changes in new version of OSP

Matrix Changes:
-        We've implemented concept of defaults in matrices - can define viewers on cell-by-cell basis
-        can select forms now in Matrix properties - no longer have to set forms for each cell - instead select default forms for the Matrix
-        can designate reviewers who have capability to provide feedback on all cells
-        can designate evaluators for all cells as well
-        demo of how to override defaults - can select via check box
-        wanted to elliminate ability for evaluator to go into every cell - due to shifting roles over time - protecting student privacy - when you assign evaluator rights to an individual cell, then that person has access to that cell - provides more granular control
-        No inputs or concerns from group on matrix changes

Goal Management Changes

-        Assignments can be linked back to goals
-        can associate matrix with assignments tool in that course so that you can link any assignment for a course to a matrix cell for that course
-        behavior of the linking process is less than ideal at the moment (understatement - but it does work - very clumsy though to set multiple cells in a session due to the way the screen refreshes
-        Functionality can be turned off by Server Administrator (flag settings)
-        When turned off, assignments function will work as it should
-        Once links have been made, assignments should appear in the evidence area of the students' matrix
-        will include instructions for assignment as well as assignment itself
-        Subnote: This was a apparently a resolved jira ticket in 2005 - comment that it looks a lot like Noah's work at Saginaw State
-        This is linked to providing a tool to make it easy for faculty to link mastery assignments to particular cells in their course matrices - easing evidence collection and documentation

Want to make it easier for peer reviewer work by other students
-        When students go into a portfolio cell - students will have a button that will enable them to invite anyone to be a reviewer for them.
-        Can share cell for peer review with pretty much anyone.

Other Features discussion

When you click "Add other Evidence" link in a cell it's possible to upload directly a local file (don't have to add to your workspace) or add an artifact directly
-        Allows students to link to content that was previously inaccessible once it was locked as part of a course matrix - by uploading a copy of the locked document.

2. Gayle Stein - Rutgers - discussed enhancements in usability that Rutgers team has done to improve usability
-        Rutgers and OSP co-hosting an OSP training event in June - weeklong program - pretty good price - info up on the rSmart website - seats are still available
-        Sakai@Rutgers
-        They have changed much of the technical jargon in the screens into practical and descriptive English
-        Wizards are organized logically and made more accessible in their new interface design
-        Add Documents Matrix - part of matrix designed about the resume builder functionality - designed by rSmart for Rutgers
-        Create Portfolio Wizard - support needs for multiple ePortfolios for students - students can be associated with several different schools at the University and they all have differing ePortfolio requirements

3. Hacking OSP Presentation - (Erica Ackerman)
-        Problem 1: Poor Authoring Experience
-        User experience of authoring in OSP is "unsatisfactory"
-        Protfolio templates are not scalable if you have to develop a template for each site
-        No auto-save, so users can lose work
-        Hard for unsophisticated users to get the FCKEditor to do what they want
-        Solution was to give user a "canvas" for the editor - themes with a theme -switcher - and to embed the FCKEditor within each theme.
-        Uses "forms" - to do this. XSD
-        Auto-saves every 30 seconds - to an SWF flash file - basically a Flash movie - client side save? - solution does work though
-        Have created one UROP - universal template
 -        Solution: Reflection vs. Presentation
-        We've gotten out of the portfolio template creation business - radically different sites can now use the same portfolio template
-        We provide two kinds of matrices - Reflection and Presentation
-        Presentation matrix has only two kinds of forms - Basic page and Example Page
-        All done in java script

4. Sean - Sakai workflow and use cases - Multiple evaluator Work flow-related requirements
-        Sean reviewed a number of the developed use-cases and work flows for evaluations
-        Request that folks go and review use cases before Monday meeting

5. Brief update on some new reports to support teachers and administrators - Steven Foehr - RINET - Rhode Island Network for Educational Technology -
-        reports designed to help assess how staff is doing and where students are.
-        Have developed set of functional reports, operating within Sakai and OSP - that can be used by students, faculty and administrators to track progress

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