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  • 2007-06-04 Conference Call
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Michigan: Beth, Melissa, John
LaGuardia: Tony, Roz, Bill
rSmart: Jan, John
IU: Chris
Saginaw: Noah
Syracuse: Sean

Functional Leadership

  1. Aggregated Views - Michigan
  2. Goal Management Framework - Saginaw/Noah
  3. User Interface - ??
  4. Reports - rSmart
  5. Portfolios - LaGuardia

Issues for Sakai Project Management Meeting in Amsterdam (6/9/2007))

  1. Promoting OSP to a core tool
  2. Guidance for integrating goal-management into assignments and other core tools

Other issues

  • (New) OSP Community Library needs to be created within OSP website before Sakai conference
  • Creating Portfolio templates is difficult
    • Noah working on documentation
    • UCF may be working on a XSL builder tool
    • rSmart has examples ready for OSP Community Library (as soon as library is ready)
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