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See OSP 2.4 Community Proposal


OSP 2.4 will be synchronized with the Sakai 2.4 release with a current target release May 1st, 2007. The code freeze for the release is March 15th, 2007.


Discussion of the scope for the OSP 2.4 release. Consider that the release is planned for the April 2007 timeframe and the code freeze for the release is on March 15th. List items that you believe are important to include in the upcoming release. Ultimately the scope will be determined by the folks who commit to work on the 2.4 project, the resources available, and the time constraints. Also see the Sakai 2.4 scope in progress

Draft High Level Scope

Each of the items below represents a high-level scope item. These are intended to frame the release and focus our efforts on elaborating requirements that fall into scope, and postponing work on requirements that fall outside the scope. Once requirements are complete, the set of agreed upon requirements will be the detailed scope for the release.

UI rework/refinement. Focus on making the user experience more integrated and cohesive. This will involve assessing current user workflows, reducing clicks, potentially reducing tools, increasing UI consistency between tools, language consistency, etc.

Documentation. Documentation should include a map and description of how all the tools work together, simple 'start here' cookbook type docs, documentation on how to construct interrelating sets of various data structures including forms, wizards, and portfolios.

Sample data structures. Include sample interrelating sets of data structures with examples of populated forms, wizards, and portfolios for a variety of portfolio purposes - accreditation, self presentation, integrative learning, project portfolios. Include documentation on how the data structures are created and use cases for the interaction of roles in relation to the purpose for each set of data structures.

Improve authoring flexibility. Improve ability to edit and completely delete data structures (forms, wizards, portfolios) once created and published. Rethink the immutable design of published data structures and when it makes sense to allow changes in them, i.e., should it be possible to add pages to a wizard once it is already in use?

Reports. Complete the reports tool to include functionality for creation of report templates that allow users with permission to aggregate and display data from forms, wizards, and portfolios across all sites and users to which they have access.

Integration with Goal Management Tool. Make assignments, wizards, and forms goal aware. Allow users to select assignments, wizards, and forms from all of their sites for inclusion in a single portfolio. Provide additional functionality to integrate goal-associated assignments with wizard pages.

Forward compatibility. No changes that require difficult migration. The project team is making a commitment to building all migration scripts for a seamless upgrade from 2.2.x.

Create "Builders" for the hard to create xsd, xsl, css, xhtml files. Create "Builders" for the hard to create xsd, xsl, css, xhtml files. In the short term, tools that enable site organizers to build their own forms and portfolio templates are also needed to reduce the bottleneck around programming staff.

Source: 2.4 Scope*


See 2.4 Requirements


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