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Sakai 2.7.1

Source code:


  1. Download Jsp-Adapter:
  2. Install Jsp-Adapter: mvn clean insall
  3. Download OpenSyllabus using the SVN link or the binary link.
  4. Install and deploy OpenSyllabus: mvn clean install sakai:deploy -Dmaven.tomcat.home=%CATALINA_HOME%

Note: Before deploying OpenSyllabus, run a full install of your Sakai with maven (mvn clean install -Pfull) because OpenSyllabus reference some sakai tool that are not on the default build (assignment for example)


This version of OpenSyllabus comes with our modified version of Sdata. Our SDATA is added as a war file located in the folder gwt-shared/lib.

The war is deployed to your tomcat/webapps repository when you deploy the code using maven: mvn clean install sakai:deploy -Dmaven.tomcat.home=%CATALINA_HOME%


Removing our SDATA war file won't stop code from compiling and deploying but users won't be able to add documents and citations to the syllabus using the browsers.

Course Outline Configurations

The OpenSyllabus code comes with a default configuration. This configuration contains:

  • the messages used in the course outline
  • the sections used in the course outline (lectures, themes, presentations ...)
  • the css files and images used in OpenSyllabus

An institution can define more than one configuration and make it available to users or make it mandatory.

Sakai 2.6.1

Source Code

OpenSyllabus for Sakai 2.6.1 is really "HEC friendly" we would suggest you download all our Sakai 2.6.1 version to prevent some customization issues: svn://

Need Help?

Contact us using the sakai-dev list or

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  1. The source link won't build as the pom is in the wrong place (one folder too high)

    Also where is the current trunk code?

    1. also where is the issue tracking?

      These are currently isues counting heavily against us deploying this tool

      1. Unknown User (mame-awa)

        Hi David,

        Just moved the pom file to the right place, I was moving the project content and forgot this file.

        For the trunk code, I was actually hesitating between a trunk and tag, I went for the tag since the code is for the Sakai 2.7.1. If there is guidelines to follow between creating a trunk a tag or branch in Sakai contrib tools i would be happy to follow it just to make our life easier.

        As for issue tracking, HEC has its own that is in french but for sure the community will need a place to report bugs and issues. It will be our next move, we were thinking of the JIRA of Sakai. A link will be added soon.

        1. Thanks Mame,

          By convention a tag never changes while a branch can have new material committed. The Sakai convention is that active development happens in trunk, suitable bug fixes (but not features) are merged to branches. This results in branches being more stable than trunk (new features wont get introduced, bug fixes will have been tested). If the code is going to be developed it should not be a tag