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Features available

  • OpenSyllabus in Sakai:
    • Integration with the Course Management: Show course title
    • OpenSyllabus permissions: OpenSyllabus has its own permission
    • Make OpenSyllabus an entity Sakai
  • OpenSyllabus
    • View syllabus changes since last publication
    • Reference to Sakai tools entities with the Entity Browser: Integration with Assignments, Forums ....
    • Managing Resources (documents and citations) from OpenSyllabus: create, modify and add resources with the Resources Browsers*  
    • Send notification to students at the publication of the course outline
    • PDF version of the course outline in edition
    • PDF version of each published version of the course outline (member o the site, sakai user, public user)
    • Allow teacher to open course outline in read only access
    • Auto save an edited course outline
    • Reorder lectures in course outline
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