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  • "Turning on" Provisional OSP tools
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OSP is a suite of tools built on the Sakai framework. OSP comes with the source code or binary versions of Sakai, but are not "enabled" by default. The OSP tools are "provisional tools", and as such much be "unstealthed" to make them appear. The procedure to unstealth tools has changed a bit with different releases of Sakai, but can be found with each version's release notes.

These instructions can be found in the following locations:

The tools (as of Sakai/OSP 2.3) that you need to unstealth include:

  • osp.evaluation,
  • osp.exposedmatrix,
  • osp.exposedwizard,
  • osp.glossary,
  • osp.guidance.sample,
  • osp.matrix,
  • osp.presTemplate,
  • osp.presentation,
  • osp.reports,
  • osp.synoptic,
  • osp.wizard,
  • sakai.metaobj,
  • osp.presLayout,

However, not all of these tools need to be added to every site that you want to have portfolio functionality.

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