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The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) supports portfolio-based activities by providing an environment in which a person, as a portfolio owner, is able to exhibit their work. A portfolio owner is provided tools: to collect items that best represent their accomplishments, their learning, or their work; to reflect upon these items and their connections; to design a portfolio that showcases the best selections of this work; and to publish the portfolio to a designated audience.
Tools are also available for coordinators of Common Interest Groups (CIG) or program evaluators and administrators that allow users in these roles to provide structure and guidance for portfolio owners regarding portfolio development. CIG coordinators, evaluators, reviewers and portfolio guests are able to review published portfolios and provide formal evaluation or informal feedback and comments. Tools for analysis of portfolio items in aggregate also make it possible for CIG coordinators, administrators or program evaluators to measure program effectiveness or educational outcomes.

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OSP 2.1 Whitepaper

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