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The goal of T&L Practices records is to showcase innovative T&L practices, especially those that use open/community source technologies. T&L Practices should give users enough information to find and identity a practice and have at least a general understanding of the practice, its goals, outcomes and tools.

T&L practices can be related to one or more institutional profiles and/or supporting materials records.

You can see what is collected currently in a T&L practice by viewing existing practices and/or registering/logging in and creating a new practice.

There is a complementary, but duplicative, collection of course profiles, started by the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award: view existing course profiles and/or registering/logging in and create a new course profile.

Teaching & Learning Practice

Resolve Duplication with Course Profiles

Currently on the site, both Teaching & Learning Practices and Course Profiles allow for the capture and presentation of a course. As a community, we need to decide how to reconcile this duplication. Which model is best? Should we have a general profiling records for all teaching and learning practices or specific records for different practices (eg, course, portfolio, etc)?

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  1. I don't think we will be able to determine which kind of container our users will want to publish their practices. They might be courses, they might be activities, they might be job aids, videos, etc.

    What should be considered is a way to have basic information for each practice to make it searchable, sortable, and linkable. A submitter might decide to post one practice, then another, then create a mashup explaining the whole course for instance.

    Embedding video and other media (flickr photos, widgets, etc.) will become inevitable, since it is becoming the way people are expecting websites to react. I don't know about security issues though, so i'll let that call to Nate.

  2. And both of the categories mentioned above, Teaching and Learning Practices and Course Profiles, are descriptions of online courses rather than display of online courses. See Showing Demo Courses.