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Provisional: Polls

Leader(s): Stephen Marquard, David Horwitz

Description: A polling tool for Sakai 2.2.0 or later.

Polls is a provisional tool in Sakai 2.4 and later.


JIRA: Please file feature requests or bug reports using the 'Polls' component in the Sakai JIRA:

About the Poll Tool

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  1. How about adding 'rank' option?

  2. Hi Max,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Please add this as a feature request in JIRA (

    If you have an example or use case, that would also help. We did consider a ranking option in the context of voting where the results are calculated using the Single Transferable Vote algorithm, but we didn't have anyone needing it as yet. Some examples from teaching contexts would be useful, especially about how to calculate or display the results.