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Page Order Helper

Lead: Joshua Ryan

The Page Order Helper Tool allows users with update permissions on a site to:

  • Order / Reorder pages (drag n' drop)
  • Add pages (drag n' drop)
  • Remove pages
  • Set site's default page (by dragging to the top of the list)
  • Edit pages (currently only page title and url for web content tools)
  • Toggle page visibility to show and hide pages from non maintain members of the site

All with an easy to use modern interface and integrated into the existing SiteInfo tool set


This tool works with source installations of Sakai 2.3, but also works with 2.2 if -r14751 and -r14913 are merged into /portal. The tool has been tested in both environments.


Currently this tool is in trunk, but requires a couple of overlays for 2.3.x and other older released versions as explained in the Install Documentation for 2.2 - 2.3.x

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