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  • 10-17-2008 Content Authoring Conference Call
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Participants: Nico, Jim, Mathieu, Beth, Michael, Peter, Noah, John Norman, Sacha, Claude

1. Overview of the Model

Michael's document to be discussed:

New stuff:

  • Simple page levels
  • Pages views
  • Priorities


  • Navigation capability? Important to Noah.
  • Building a page building capability should be our main focus for now. Tools would be in charge of linking them together.
  • Have a "Add a Child Page" button? Pretty common behavior.
  • Jim: Page-Level Authoring versus WYSIWYG capability?
  • Collaborative authoring by authoring sections or paragraphs, to avoid user overlap.
  • We need to define the project priorities in a more formal way.
  • John Norman: CARET is not going to stop working on the page organization level.
  • Much clearer for us to work on the page authoring level, working on organization should not be a blocker for the first part.
  • Jim: It's easier to display external content than a year ago.
  • Noah: We need to expose a core capability in a toy app as a proof of concept.
  • Jim: We need to understand the business rules of each tool to build intelligent widgets.
  • Jim will post links to some info on what he's working on.
  • Noah: We don't know what we are talking about, so allocating resources might be premature.
  • JN: Our focus should still be on use cases. Create a course site, a portfolio, etc.
  • Noah posted a model of where the portfolios should be. Needs more work.
  • JN: Is anybody working on the entitification process? No answer...
  • Michael: We need to work on views, roles.
  • Tool people need to validate Michael's view (in his doc).
  • JN: We could use Josh Ryan's "Simple Page", or an even simpler toy app. We need to define our test environment.
  • Use Nico's app as a toy app? Could be done.
  • Jim: Entitification is the first step.
  • Claude: UdeM and CRIM want to work on the page organization model, especially interested in Portfolios.
  • Beth: More focused meeting should be held when people can actually work on what is discussed.
  • Michael: An institution has expressed interest to be the lead developer of this project.
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