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The Development Discussion Group (DG) is for those interested and involved in the design and development of Sakai. This is the companion wiki-space for the sakai-dev email list hosted on Collab's DG: Development (a.k.a. sakai-dev) site.


This is a place to post your proposals related to Sakai and Sakai development, please feel free to create a page and link to it here.
Sakai Developer Practices - describes trunk/branch/patch management, developer etiquette and the mechanics of technical decision-making
Sakai Technical Goals (towards a roadmap) - Plan for a possible roadmap for Sakai goals and development based on issues
Kernel Release - Breaking out the framework kernel of Sakai into a release which is separate from the major core tools release
Best Practices for Kernel code - defines the best practices and code standards we should follow for kernel code
Best Practices for Kernel Updates - A proposal on maintaining the Sakai framework, ensuring quality and performance, and defining a Kernel working group
Proposed 2008 Release Practices - Changing the way we make releases of Sakai, separated from the Kernel then Tools idea
Kernel then Tools Release Process - Proposal for timing around a kernel then tools release
Component Manager Upgrade - Plan for upgrading the component manager to bring into line with industry standards - also to enable hot deploy

Work in progress

These are mini projects and efforts which are being worked on, they are too small to need their own space but something worth sharing with the community, feel free to link to other spaces if you like, remove your stuff from here once it is completed or if it becomes inactive
Sakai MessageService - Exposes JMS API based service that uses ActiveMQ
JMS Event Service - Plans to replace the event service with a JMS event service
Sakai Cluster-wide Caching - Efforts to have a cluster wide cache in Sakai that supports expiration and replication
Test Runner - A package for running programmatic tests (load, data validation, migration, etc.) inside Sakai
JCR Integration - Java Content Repository integration and instructions for new tools that are using it

Ideas and Concepts

This is a place to post your ideas or concepts related to Sakai and Sakai development, please feel free to create a page and link to it here.
JA-SIG User Directory and Authn - Integrate JA-SIG products to improve Sakai's enterprise integration support
Portal Active Zones - Plans to add in zones to the portal which can have html fragments placed into them
Become User Extension - Plans to extend the become user tool to allow instructors to emulate a student in their site
Hierarchy Service - A service to handle general hierarchy storage in Sakai
Permissions Token Generator - A key token generator for handling storage and lookup of permissions based on token keys
Sakai Easy Tools - Plans for making simple pluggable tools in Sakai which are super easy to write but have an upward migration path
Recent Activity Service - Plans for how a recent activity service might be constructed in Sakai

Helpful documentation

Most of the development docs are in the Programmers Cafe Space and are linked to in the Programmers Manual but helpful docs can and should be added here as well.
Programming Best Practices - Best practices for writing code in Sakai
Entity Provider and Broker - Sakai entity system enhancement and potential replacement for the legacy entity producers/entities
Using Caching in Sakai - explains how to properly cache objects in Sakai
Best Practices for High Quality Code - offers tips on ensuring you are writing high quality code for Sakai (and Java in general)
URLs within Sakai - categorisation of the various kinds of URLs that are in use in Sakai, pointers to documentation and commentary on possible directions

Descriptions of Log Events - Descriptions of log events fired in Sakai core
Source management (SVN) best practices - Usage of source control (SVN) in Sakai


Peter A. Knoop
Anthony Whyte
Aaron Zeckoski


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