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Community Wiki

This part of the Sakai wiki is open to anyone in the community and is not part of the official Sakai documentation. If you want Sakai developer documentation then check out the Sakai Programmer Manual. If you want release documentation then Release Management Overview

Building Sakai (a.k.a. sakai-dev)

The Building Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of designers, programmers, developers, and quality assurance members of the Sakai community. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including documenting, designing, developing, testing, and releasing Sakai.

In addition to this area in Confluence, there is also an email list for discussing topics and asking questions related to building Sakai: (join sakai-dev list.) This is a very active list, with several or more messages a day (sakai-dev list archive).

Related Working Groups

There are also a number of smaller Working Groups that deal with specific topics within the broader context of Building Sakai, some of which overlap into Deploying Sakai and Using Sakai:


Developer Documentation

Most of the development docs are in the Programmers Cafe Space and are linked to in the Programmers Manual but helpful docs can and should be added here as well.

Development Tips / Guidelines:

Add your own pages down here:

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