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...placeholder for entification materials Noah, Anthony, and Peter are accumulating...

  • what is REST?
  • why is it important to use it in sakai?
  • how you do it in sakai?

Steve Githen's email referencing first 2 chapters of O'Reillys RESTful Web Services

Links from Aaron, "these pages should be referenced in any discussion of what REST is"

Zach says, "Check out this summary of introductions to REST on Tim Bray's blog."

Matt explains, "What Should an Entity Look Like?"

Stephen M. observes,

It would be nice if there was also a focus on implementing proper SOA and separation between service and tool code, which is a necessary condition for any sort of web services (as anyone who has tried to implement JWS webservices for a range of Sakai tools in the past will know to their cost).

This has been relatively poorly understood, hence behaviours like casually replacing or reimplementing service APIs in an incompatible way (e.g. chat/chat2, discussion/forums, assignments/assignments2) - I'm hoping that the sdata/UXI reimplementations of things like profile are not following in this trend. Services need to have absolutely no dependencies on things like tool placements or UI frameworks (e.g. as is still the case with chat2).

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