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This is the former home page for the Sakai Board Communications space. Documentation provided here is largely of historial/archival interest. From May 2012, Minutes and other documentation will be published vie the Sakai website, at

Any enquiries should be directed to Ian Dolphin or Deb Smith


It is where the Board minutes and any other communications from the Board will appear, and where questions about these will be answered. The minutes will be of more or less rough form, as we figure out the best combination of brevity and content, and as scribes change.

Every face to face Board meeting will be posted here, as well as the regular phone conference meetings the Board has every week or so. Board Minutes pages are locked. If you want a change made, contact Michael Korcuska. Anyone can read these minutes, and comment, they are open to the public. The Board members will try to respond to comments in a reasonable time. If a concern is urgent, please send a note to Mary Miles.

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  1. Will further board minutes be coming along?

    1. Yup. Sorry for the delay. We need to assign this to someone with fewer active irons in this fire. We'll straighten this up in Austin. The new bylaws require them within 2 weeks of any Board meeting, btw, and we ought to adhere to our bylaws, now that we have them.

  2. Will the minutes of the April 2007 Board Retreat be made available?

  3. Mary, I suggest adopting a naming pattern that causes these to sort in a logical way. Using a "YYYY-MM - Board Minutes" pattern would cause the items to sort and be easier to find.

    1. Thanks Chris. I have changed the naming convention beginning with September, 2008 minutes. I'll change the others in the next few days.