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See also Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases for recent OSP community discussions on OSP functionality for Sakai 3.0.

See also OSP Blue Sky Notes from Sakai Amsterdam and OSP Future Enhancement Notes from Sakai Paris for ideas leading up to this discussion.

We invite your contribution to the following list of OSP-related functionality to preserve and expand in Sakai 3.0 – using a list of core portfolio functions created at Sakai Paris and based on discussion at Sakai Amsterdam.

What portfolio functionality do we want to preserve and expand for each of these core functions?

1. Guide

2. Collect

3. Reflect

4. Tag

5. Associate

6. Evaluate

7. Share

8. Report

From Marc Zaldivar's original post updating our vision related to Sakai 3's direction:

  • A goal set could be opened as a widget on the page.
    • That goal set could be searched through, browsed through, etc.
    • Goals could be either selected or dragged onto an assignment widget, a matrix widget, etc.
  • Goals could be associated with tags. These tags could be added to assignments, blog posts, discussion posts, resources, wizard pages, quiz questions, and probably more. Reports and presentation pages could be created using these tags as quick selectors (as in an administrator collecting evidence across several individuals (say a graduating class of seniors), looking for referenced submissions for the "Critical Thinking" tag; or, a student would be able to create a quick presentation portfolio by displaying all references to the "Portfolio" tag.
  • Assignments should be able to be "tagged" as well, with goal tags or by an individual's own tag. An instructor would need to tag an assignment and then have all student responses automatically receive that tag. A student may wish to tag their individual response with a different tag, in addition to the one(s) the instructor adds.
  • Portfolio presentations would be more easily configurable by users, including an array of style and layout choices for pages, with easy ways to add content of various types (artifacts, blogs, guided reflection forms) to those pages.
  • Users still will need varying levels of permissions on resources because of portfolios. Some items will need to be public to the WWW; others may be public only to a specified group of individuals; some items should remain private and unreachable. Permissions on all items added to portfolios need to be able to be customized by the user.
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