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  • Differences between Sakai Gradebook Tools (GB1/GB2/GBNG)
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Status in GBNG
GB1 [11.x]GB2 [1.9.1]GB NGRelated JIRAComments/QuestionsInstitutional Support/Email Address
Make icons in gradebook higher visibility (a11y)--!
SAK-40147 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Icons for originating tools, eye and calculator icons, as well as down arrows in header cells are too light to meet accessibility requirements.

Weighted itemsNYN
SAK-33089 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Able to include an item in the final grade if such item is not visible to studentsNYY (19)

SAK-33093 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-33583 - Getting issue details... STATUS

While some concern in the community exists for having invisible grades contribute towards a student's score, student issues could be alleviated with a warning. Note that many people who use this function in GB2 are not displaying the running course grade to students during the semester. (UVA)

Option to choose if grades are re-scaled when Gradebook Item Point Value is changedNYY (19)
SAK-33107 - Getting issue details... STATUS
open Edit Item Details > click into Points field. If you try to edit the score, check box appears asking if you want to "Scale existing scores."
Starting point of gradebook looks blank (no students) if there are no grade items
YY (19)
SAK-39978 - Getting issue details... STATUS

First time instructors see GB it appears they have no students in the site

Minimum score: It is the minimum score necessary to reach in the gradebook item to pass the courseNNN

GRBK-1429 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-33101 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Full support section awarenessNNN

GRBK-1428 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-40143 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Excuse individual students from the grade items (manually created)NYY (19)

SAK-33087 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-40781 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dayton University has made this feature available in master and is waiting on pull request review.

NEEDS bug fix in SAK-40781 to be resolved. (UVA)

Letter gradingY (off by default)YN
SAK-33100 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Settings allow letter grades to be entered as item scores (but not expected to allow both numeric and letter grading)

Student section awareness for items created from external toolsYNN
SAK-19668 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Needs clarification (1).

NOTE (January 2016). Tested in GradebookNG in

Export the final course grades in PDF formatYNY (12)
SAK-32937 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Export the student's final points summationYNY (12)
SAK-32937 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Export the student grades to PDF formatYNY (12)
SAK-32937 - Getting issue details... STATUS

GB Export needs course/section in title
YY (12)
SAK-33385 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Average course grade, Student final point summation, Category class average, Grade item class average, Student category averageYNN

GRBK-761 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-32930 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Also, will have more detailed grade stats in the future.

NOTE (January 2018). GradebookNG only is missing 'Category class average'. (UVA)

Ability to discard the highest grades or keep the highest grades in the CategoryYNY
SAK-32820 - Getting issue details... STATUS (UVA)
Number of steps to add multiple similar grade items
23 (19)
SAK-33343 - Getting issue details... STATUS

GB2 allows quick flow for adding multiple identical grade items by clicking Save and modifying title, saving again
Set Ungraded Items to Zero: set all gradebook items included in the final grade to 0YNY (12)
SAK-32935 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Added ability to set a given gradebook item to zero or another value.

Display institutional student IDs in gradebookNNY (12.2)
SAK-32608 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Fix version: 12  

Display institutional student IDs in gradebook exportNNY (12.2)
SAK-33883 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
View all StudentsYNY
SAK-33106 - Getting issue details... STATUS

GB2 could be considered either way, you can specify the number of students to view on a page: Fixed with infinite scrolling for GBNG in 12

Search for Students (display students even if not displayed on the page)YYY
SAK-33106 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Fixed with infinite scrolling for GBNG in 12

Export gradebook by SectionYYY (12.4)
SAK-33385 - Getting issue details... STATUS (UVA)  

Visually ID dropped grades - student and instructorYYY (12.2)
SAK-33108 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Western U. is working on this fix for our local GBNG+ and will attempt to contribute it back when we're ready with it. - > ISU is interested in this but it appears it has been fixed in Master and is being merged back to 12 (UVA)  

Ability to modify all grades for one student on individual-student pageYYN
SAK-33090 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Student Summary window interface for GB2, Classic - **not expected to allow grades generated in other tools to be changed (UVA) (JU)

Ability to release descriptive statistics to studentsNYN
SAK-33855 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Instructors use statistics release to allow students to see where they are relative to their peers. (JU)

Display the value each grade item has in the overall course grade - instructor viewNYN
SAK-33856 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Very helpful for instructors when setting up their gradebooks initially - one screen shows all items, point values, weights and total points accounted
Display all grade item score totals before scores entered (if released) - student view
YY (19)
SAK-33999 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Allow students to see all grade item values before final scores are entered (UVA) (JU)  

Add statistics for overall course gradeNYY (12)
SAK-33105 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Visible in Settings > Grade Schema
Display list of items with total points for each category and overall gradebook
SAK-33109 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Faculty use this to see if the items / categories add up to the correct number of points. Related to SAK-33856 if weighted categories enabled. (JU)

Loading DockYNN

Improved import/export process

Import/Export the full Gradebook Structure (categories, weights)NYN
SAK-40142 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Import more than one grade itemNYY


Import the "Gradebook Item Point Value"NYY

Updated. GB1 doesn't have this capability. Please see below (2)

Import/Export .XLS filesYYN

GBNG only allows importing/exporting .CSV files. GB2 allows importing/exporting .XLSX files too.

Allow the category weights summation be different from 100%NY*Y*

Both GB2 and NG provide a notification; GBNG will actually appear to not let you save the Categories if they are not equal to 100 (but you can click out of the Settings page and ignore it)

Subcategories (end-of-quarter terms)NNN
SAK-40326 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Allow subcategories in order to take the "end-of-quarter terms" into account. More info in the


Weight items of different values equallyNYN

SAK-42414 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Items have different point values but will be weighted equally towards the category. Helpful when scores are coming from outside sources, like publisher sites, where instructor cannot control the grade value, but wants them all to contribute equal value towards category.
Weight items by pointsNYY
This is how GBNG achieves weights within a category.

'Import from site' option: Import the full gradebook structure from one site to anotherYN*Y
GRBK-1463 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The student grades are not imported.

* It does not work in GB2: GRBK-1463 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Average Course Grade displayed to the hundredthsYYN

Grading Schema fixed value for non letter gradesY?N

Grade Schema chart displays GPA; chart updates with edits before saving applies adjusted grade resultNNY
Notre Dame added GPA grade schema, and responsive chart GBNG Settings > Grading Schema page
Hide Items excludes them from Exported spreadsheetNNN

Allow Letter Grades/Minimums to be removed from schema

Y (12.1)
SAK-33470 - Getting issue details... STATUS
"Remove" button allows letter grades such as D- to be removed from schema.
Allow new letter grades/minimums to be added to schema
NY (12.1)
SAK-33469 - Getting issue details... STATUS
"Add a mapping" allows new letter grade to be added.
View Section StatisticsYYN

Add a comment to a student particular grade in the external grade itemsNYY
Cell contains a Add/Edit Comment selection for individual grade cells, regardless of the grade's origin.
Give ungraded no credit: set only one grade item to 0NYY (12)

Added ability to set a given gradebook item to zero or another value.

Revert the action of setting grade items to 0NYN
SAK-33110 - Getting issue details... STATUS

History log. Register events related to: grade items, categories or gradebookNYN

Goal is to have more detailed reporting in the future that could include this.

Excel entry mode to input gradesNYY
Click directly into spreadsheet to enter grades; only applies to grades created in the Gradebook. External grades must be entered via tool of origin.
Sort categoriesNYY

Submit final grades through InstitutionalAdvisorNY

Needs clarification (3)

Number of clicks to remove a Grade item422

Site Imports/Copies import Gradebook NG items as "Not Release" and "Not included in Grade"?YN
SAK-33098 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Method of delivery on this has been debated quite extensively, last report was that we would utilize the functionality of a "lightbox" to make this happen. (JU)

Improve the "Item Order" button by adding the weight and points info

SAK-40129 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The "Item Order" button () shows the gradebook structure: the categories&grade items tree.

It may be useful to add the grade items points and the categories weight/points in that categories&grade items tree.

Improve the categories creation mode

SAK-40130 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Right now, the instructor needs to go to the "Settings" page to create/edit/delete categories. It is not an intuitive front end. The category settings context should be in the Gradebook main page as where the grade item creation is.

All the grades of all the students visible to everybody

SAK-40145 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Each student would see the grades of the rest of the classmates, in order of transparency and other pedagogical matters.

(1)  Students won’t see in GB1 items created from Assignments or Assessments for an specific group if they are not members of the specific groups. Please see the point 4 from GAP analysis between Gradebook2 and Gradebook.

(2)  GB1 is not able to import the "Gradebook Item Point Value" from the Loading Dock. Please see the image below:  

(3) InstitutionalAdvisor is a java bean interface that allows submitting the final grades from Gradebook2 to a final SiS or LMS system. That interface must be implemented by the institution. This option is called "Submit Final Grade" in the "Tools" option from the Gradebook2's toolbar.

  • Queries results - data analysis about GradeBook2 usage

Chris Schauer shared the following queries that can help to understand Gradebook2 usage at your institution:

You could share the results of those queries in the following page .

  • What features could be added to Gradebook to close the gap

    • Weighted items within a category
    • Strike-through for dropped, excused scores
  • Making GradeBook2 functional in Sakai 11 (getting it working with Morpheus...)

Portal handlers are not processing GB2 content properly, maybe it could be fixed but I don’t know how, so far. After achieving GB2 iframeless ready, other problems will come out, mixing GWT javascript with common portal javascript could cause problems, nothing tested, so far.

Quick Fix  (by Juan José Meroño Sánchez): Still using iframes with GB2 adding this property to

# Still IFRAMES with GB2


version Gradebook2 1.8.1 working in the latest version of Sakai Trunk.


IMPORTANT: This fix is not going to work anymore, Sakai 11 is upgraded to Spring 4 and GB2 is  not compatible , it has to be fixed in order to run in Sakai 11.

GRBK-1447 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UPDATE: A new patch to fix GB2 problems was added in

GRBK-1450 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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