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The Sakai 12 QA Hub is the home page for the Sakai 12 QA effort. Here you’ll find useful information for getting involved with testing and becoming part of the Sakai QA community. We have two different paths from which you can choose. EZ testing and more Advanced Involvement (aka QA Maven).


click the EZ QA picture or here for the EZ QA testing path

click the QA Kid picture or here for the QA Kid testing path


click the picture below of QA Maven or here for the more advanced testing path

Current QA Testing: pre-Sakai 12.0

Current QA testing is happening in a "light" way. QA testers are verifying fixes in master/trunk. Once we branch master/trunk we will come out with an official QA server and an official QA test plan.  

You can use one of these two filters to perform QA testing right now! (though it probably helps if you are an experienced tester. We plan to provide onboarding to not-very-experienced testers as part of our Sakai 12 testing strategy).


Filter 1: 

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Filter 2: 

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Weekly QA Planning Calls

The QA Planning Group meets every  Tuesday from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Eastern time . This group guides the overall direction of the Sakai QA effort, creates testing materials and processes, and participates in testing. Meetings agendas and notes can be found in our Sakai 11 QA Meeting Notes google doc. All are welcome! We meet in the QA Room in BigBlueButton:
QA Room
password: apereo

Weekly Test Fests

Join our QA “Test Fests” every Thursday from 10am to 11 am, Eastern time! This is an opportunity to jump into testing Sakai 11 with the support of the QA Team and other community members. You do not need to be an functional expert to get involved! Test Fest agendas and notes can be found in our Sakai 11 QA Meeting Notes google doc. We begin our Test Fests in the QA Room in BigBlueButton (see above). Throughout the course of the Test Fest, we communicate using our new SakaiQA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance described below.

Communication Channels

Sakai QA list

Join the Sakai QA list ( to keep up to date on all things QA in Sakai. Anyone can join the group here:!forum/sakai-qa

Sakai QA Slack Channel

We have a very active Sakai QA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance. We use this for communicating during Tests and Fests and asking QA questions to the group or to individuals anytime. If someone at your institution has already joined, then you can self join at:

Otherwise send an email to  to have your institution's domain added for self signup. For a quick overview of Slack (along with some helpful tips n’ tricks), see the following video:

Get Started: Regression Testing

Regression testing is critical for ensuring that all functionality in Sakai is working as intended. We’ve updated our regression test scripts for Sakai 11 to be as clear, concise, and usable as possible. See the instructions for Testers and Test Script Authors below.

For Testers:

Testers execute regression test scripts, which test the functionality of Sakai. Testers record their observations and create JIRAs as needed. See the following video and documents for getting started with regression testing Sakai 11: 

Executing Regression Test Scripts (google doc)

Sakai 11 MASTER Test Scripts List (google sheet)


For a walkthrough of the JIRA creation process, see the following video overview:

For Test Script Authors:

Test Script Authors create/update Sakai regression test scripts to provide clear and consistent materials for testers. See the following video and documents for getting started with creating/updating regression test scripts for Sakai 11:

Authoring Test Scripts (google doc)

Sakai 11 MASTER Test Scripts List  (google sheet)

Testing JIRAs

The following page provides information on testing Sakai 11 JIRA issues. Here you’ll find useful information for locating, testing, and documenting the resolution of Sakai 11 JIRA issues.

Testing Sakai 11 JIRAs Page

Earn QA Badges

Start here:

It is retroactive, meaning you can report earlier testing you have done towards Sakai 11 QA.

QA Servers - Sakai 12

General Sakai 12 QA is being conducted on Marist's QA server:

Login info:

Instructor Logins

    • Username: instructor01 through instructor10
    • Password: sakai

Student Logins

    • Username: student01 through student10
    • Password: sakai

Admin Login

    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin

Built in "demo" accounts

    • Username: instructor, instructor1, instructor2,  student0001 through student0499 
    • Password: sakai

Make your own accounts !

    • Choose "New Account" on the landing page of Sakai. Set up your own name and password. You can create multiple accounts for multiple roles. 
    • Advantage of using your own accounts is you avoid "stepping on toes" (i.e. accidentally doing some testing in a site that negates what someone else is working on. Something to be mindful of.)


Additional QA server information for testing Sakai 11 can be found on the following page:

QA Servers - Sakai 11 (Confluence Page)



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