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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday April 26, 2017
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Matt C., Neal C., Sam O., Jeff P., Kyle B., Ben and others from ISU, Matt J., Shawn F.


rA11y Update:
Very close to being completed.
Full list of issues here: 
Needs testing - Separate JIRA for FireFox (and more?) focus and bootstrap.
Recent commitments in both development time and funds for the final review suggest this initiative could be completed soon.

TPG Keyboard accessibility session:


Great session.  Thanks to NYU and TPG.  Raised two issues: Organize Favorites feature cannot be accessed at all by keyboard users -- Looks good, Sam O. likely to ask Matt J. for aproval
  • - What to do with lack of keyboard nav for reorder?  Discussed that fluid might be too "heavy" to load on every page, but we should use their conventions (hot keys, methods) as a spec for any solution.
  • - Automatically add new sites to your favorites bar toggle is not keybaord accessible No keyboard method to trigger browser's file picker Was also flagged Override bootstrap tab-focus that provides invalid focus for Firefox

Other issues:

ISU and others have flagged the issue of where focus is placed after user action in Sakai 11+
We've talked before about this in relation to .  Discussed has indicated that Sakai meets WCAG 2's specs, but people like us monitoring the transition from the iFrame in Sakai 10 and earlier to it’s removal in 11+ know what we’ve “lost”.  More importantly, individuals who use assistive technologies are Experts we can do better AND Hans from TPG recently demo'ed a suggesting example.  Thoughts?

Move to a new meeting time?

[JP] use of Hans's time moving forward (Matt, just copied you on an email.)
  -- We're going to aim for 4:00PM Eastern.  Once confirmed with Hans/TPG Matt will let sakai-dev and sakai-user know ASAP.

Talked about Sakai 11.4 release notes

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