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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for Wednesday March 29, 2017
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    Neal C. (Apereo), Matt C., Sanghyun (Pomona) 
    David E. (Johnson U.)
    Terry Golightly (Johnson U.)
    Tiffany Stull (UVA)
    Jeff Pasch (NYU)
    Kyle Blythe (NYU)
    (plus others)


Sakai 12 Schedule, delayed (new schedule being developed) - several reasons for new schedule. One is that many institutions are upgrading to 11 this year, nobody planning to upgrade to 12. 
We're making progress on remediating issues from the first review.  More than 2/3 of the issues are resolved in some way.
We have a slight-less-than $12,000 estimate from SSB to do a follow-up review and issue a compliance statement, presumably with a higher compliance rating than the previous one.  We're about $5,000 towards that goal (thanks to past contributors, and recently Pepperdine) through the Apereo FARM project
Follow-Up on Offer from NYU for hours from an accessibility/usability firm, TPG.  Looking for a good date.  Confirmed that the topic will be keyboard navigation.  Thursday April 13th at 4:00PM is our current planned date.
JIRAs, with an Illinois State University focus        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - iPhone Voice Screen Reader        Recently received steps to reproduce.  Added reference video.  Not clear why ARIA-Label isn't helping us here.        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Syllabus        - Talked about it last time.  There are some solutions to consider.
  • Looked at some mitigation options.  Updated the possible instructions for the redirect interface.        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Rich Text Editor        Matt Clare        Awaiting Review
  • Talked about CK's role in this.
  • The long menu in Sakai's default of CK's menu is a big part of the problem - currently this can be simplified per inst.
  • Would a user option to only use simple menu help?
To be retested for clarity:        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Announcement Tool Table        Matt Clare        Open        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Resources Tool Tab        Ron McGettrick        Open

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