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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday February 1, 2017
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Matt Clare, Brock University
Tiffany Stull, UVa
Karen McPhaul (durham Tech)
Neal Caidin, Apereo / Sakai
Matt Jones, Longsight
Sam Ottenhoff, Longsight
Sanghyun Jeon, Pomona College
Amy Netzel (Durham Tech)



.. and other details coming out of Sakai camp
Fixed skip class, as per rA11y review is in 11.x (11.3?) .  A few code changes, but a large effect and so far with only positive effects.  (SAK-31546 is an intersting example)
UVa Timer enhancements - Contact Tiffany is you want to play with the Samigo Timer enhancements
Staying on top of accessibility issues
 - WCAG looking for stakeholders for next revsion

JIRAs to review:

Avoid inappropriate use of ARIA roles, states, and properties - Announcements - Can someone who's not Matt Clare get involved (or we can talk it through on the call)
Provide a valid label for form fields - signup meeting details (also SAK-31631) - reviewed on call
Provide a valid label for form fields
Maybe a better idea is skip text like "And maybe using hidden instructions, an idea of what to expect could be utilized. Such as, "Read the text below. Indicators have been used to denote fill-in-the blanks. Enter your responses in the blanks after the selection.""
Ensure elements with multiple labels are rendered appropriately
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