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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for Wednesday October 26, 2016
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Neal Caidin, Apereo / Sakai
Matt Clare, Brock University
Ben Rappleyea, Illinois State University
Ron McGettrick, Illinois State University


rA11y Update:

Review scope of remaining work.
Update on costs for WCAG compliance statement based on remidation work.

Update to Farm site for rA11y - Matt to follow up on some items...

Welcome to Illinois State University

Had an authentic review of their Sakai instance by a student using JAWS.

*** Please notes this defects were found using JAWS 16.0 reader, viewing Illinois State University Sakai CLE 10.6 environment ( )

1) When trying to create a new topic in the “forum” tab, user is unable to proceed after the first page because the “continue” button dos not respond.
2) When trying to create an assignment, the “add attachment” button does not respond, and I am also not able to post the assignment, because the “post” button also does not respond.
(DEFECT ACB-59) - Gradebook 2
3) When in the “gradebook” tab, I am unable to click on the edit button without the page no longer responding.
4) When trying to add an event to the “schedule” tab, I am unable to add an attachment or even post the event.
5) When trying to post a new announcement, the “post” button does not work. Also, the key commands that are given to complete the actions such as “alt+shift+s” do not respond.
6) When trying to create a new announcement, the “add attachment” button does not respond.
7) When in the “announcements” tab, I tried to remove an announcement that I had previously posted, but I was not able to. Also, when going in to edit this same post I was not able to cancel the action using the “cancel” button.
8) When in the syllabus tab, it is unclear where to attach a file, since the only options are “add” or “bulk add”. When clicking on the “add” button a pop-up comes up to add a title for the document, but no button to attach.
9) When trying to create an assessment, adding new questions is not straight forward. It is unclear where the question must be typed since there is no label indicating the text box for the question.
10) When entering the gradebook tab, the table does not load, which does not allow for putting in information.
11) The “reset” button at the top of each tab/page does not specify what it will reset, which can be confusing to someone who is new to the page, or cannot see that the button is next to the title of that page.
12) When reading the rows and columns on the “schedule” tab, the rows and columns are not read as they are labelled. For example, in other ISU websites that have tables, before reading the content that is on a specific row or column, JAWS says what column or row it is reading.
13) When in the “schedule” tab, some content is also skipped over, and it is not until I return to the top and work my way down that I gather the entire information that is on the page.
14) When in the “message” tab, after opening a message the content is randomly skipped over and not read. The area skipped is not constant or specific. I am able to read the information only after I return to the top of the page and proceed down.
15) When in the “assignments” tab, just like in “resources” and “messages” some of the content is skipped over when trying to read the page content. Again, the location when content begins to be skipped is not constant or specific.
16) When in the “resources” tab, just like in the “message” tab, some of the content is skipped over when hitting the down arrow to read the information on the page.
17) When in the “announcements” tab, the table where the announcements are listed is presented and explained, but when entering the table, the announcements are not read. Rather the assignments are presented

Illinois State University to create JIRAs. Here are some of them:


JIRAs Provide a valid label for form fields Ensure screen reader specific content is rendered off-screen rather than hidden or not displayed: Samigo use of skip class Form field labeling is missing in many areas Sites Nav misplaced (Mrphs-sitesNav__menuitem) Visual indication of focus needed
Which approach makes the most sense:
Get :focus right on all relevant classes
Use a JS-based solution, as in MozDev’s Keyboard-navigable JavaScript widgets

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