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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for Wednesday July 7, 2016
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Matt Clare, Brock University
Neal Caidin, Apereo
Shawn Faster, Western University
Karen McPhaul, Durham Tech



rA11y work
SAWG review code/label Google Sheet
Issues to code/review:
Correct component
additional biref community summary
additional note
Add {code} {code} and {noformat} as needed
2. Matt Clare slices the Google Sheet by Sakai Project/Component and imports into JIRA based on this mapping (Screenshot of mapping)
Example of what they look imported to JIRA in a "fake" project
Create public searches to reveal rA11y Project across JIRA
3. Sakai development community alerted to new rA11y related JIRAs. Focus on the quick wins.
Core team meetings: Every Tuesdays 10AM EST
Alert Sak-dev and Slack

Reviewed (Matt Cto leave comment about access-key type approach )

Spotted missing list of access keys? - maybe only an issue in experimental

Try to resolve JIRA through github's web inteface.

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