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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for February 3, 2016
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Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation / Sakai
Matt Clare, Brock University
Matt Jones, Longsight
Tiffany Stull, University of Virginia
Eric M., NYU
John Kethcne., Johnson
Rob Egan , NYU


- Recap from SakaiCamp

22~23 people attended
Formed a "good" QA team, building a plan to test Sakai 11
Branch for Sakai 11 coming soon (weeks)
There's a marketing group now
Future of Sakai / Next Gen. LMS
Sakai 11 is probably the biggest release since the begining
Lots of discussion about Morpheus
Working on names for tools - UX group taking a look
Challenges around everyone moving toward GradebookNG from Gradebook (classic) & Gradebook2
Discussion about Sakai Virt Conf - what to do with the funds raised
re-org information architecture, make the community activity more visible

rA11y Plan

Invitation to SSB Kickoff to accessibility audit project will be February 10th form 1:00Pm to 2:00PM. 
Please join me in an Adobe Connect Meeting.
All in the community are welcome.  Please contact Matt for details or attend the Feb 3rd call. 

Accessibility checker 

CKSource is considering making special bundle of CKEditor and CKFinder license together with Accessibility Checker at a special price for academic applications.
When CKEditor 5 comes out (probably not Sakai 11 but for sure Sakai 12), the integration Brock and others are using may break.
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