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  • Samigo Question Progress Side Panel UX Survey August 2015
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The UX WG was asked to help obtain some feedback on a proposed new feature in Samigo (Tests & Quizzes) by University of Dayton (developers of the feature). This new feature is a side panel for tracking question progress during an assessment. This panel only displays for assessments which have one question per page. The panel will auto-hide for assessments which have multiple questions per page.

Since the July/August time frame ended up being a difficult one in which to schedule faculty and students for a live UX test, we gathered some user feedback via a short UX survey as an alternative to more structured testing. Survey participants watched the following video and then answered a few questions designed to obtain user feedback on the design of the new feature.

Survey results are summarized below. There is also a link to view the responses in more detail.

UX Feedback Survey - Question Progress Side Panel (SAM-2586)
Summary of Results

There were 31 survey submissions total. Instructional Technology/Support users comprised more than half (55%), but there were also some students (7%) and faculty (22%) responding.

90% of survey participants liked the new Samigo side panel feature. There were 27 positive comments which collectively described the new side panel as intuitive, convenient for navigation, a time-saver for long assessments, and good for providing feedback for students on their progress during the test. Only 10% (or 3 respondents) commented on potential negatives such as the interface becoming crowded if tests are very long, questions about how the side panel would look on a mobile device, and not wanting students to print the side panel to share with other students.

80% of survey participants (24 out of 30 answering this question) stated that they liked the use of the circles to indicate answer status. Many respondents commented that the circles reminded them of printed scantron or bubble sheet tests and they thought the filled-in circle for answered questions was intuitive in that respect. Only 20% (6 out of 30) of the survey participants stated that they did not like the circles, and/or indicated that they would prefer the use of check marks rather than filled circles to indicate completion.

Almost all of those responding (96%) thought this new feature would be helpful to users. In addition, the majority (84%) preferred the side panel to the Table of Contents for navigation within an assessment. However, there were mixed results regarding the fact that the panel only displays in non-linear tests. More than half (56%) did not see this as an issue for users, but 16% of respondents thought it might be a problem, and 26% were uncertain.

Finally, other comments and observations from participants included: questions about how this would look on a tablet or mobile device, positive remarks concerning the addition of the feature, requests for the ability to hide the “mark for review” option, and requests for the ability to display the side panel on linear tests (for tracking progress) but with some indication that students cannot jump forward or back. Additional UX testing with actual users in a more structured test environment was also suggested.

If you would like to view the survey results in more detail, please go to


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