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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday September 2, 2015
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Matt Clare - Brock University
Wilma Hodges, Longsight
Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation
Jennifer Loudiana, Walsh University (listening in)
Karen McPhaul (Durham Tech)
David E. (NYU)
Matt J., Longsight    


We're almost half way to our goal.
$54,500 and 60 hours of in-kind development time.
 Update on CK Editor  accessibility checker
 Brock University asked Longsight to do the work and here's Matthew Joes' result  Currently in pre-production at Brock University.
 Next steps is describing how this can be reproduced by others.
 99%  certain we can't bundle it with Sakai., but we could possible redistribute but very separately
Ready for review!
-If you've got 5 min run the WAVE toolbar ( note the browser extension at the bottom) over page or and report issues it would help!  This would certainly not be a comprehensive review, but it would help developers spot simple regressions and other low hanging fruit.
-Missing the visual access keys from neo-portal
-Focus on quizzes, expanded to based on some feedback from Core Team.  It still could use some refinement, possibly based on the last few comments in 

JIRAs Form field labeling is inconsistent is now a parent of Radio & Checkbox Inputs should have labels and be in fieldset Many question types lack proper HTML structures extended matching type seems inaccessible Error messages do not take focus and might be difficult to find for some users
Let's see who we get on the call and we'll look a few more from
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