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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday August 19, 2015
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    Matt Clare, Brock University
    Neal Caidin, Apereo/Sakai
    Rob Egan, NYU
    Karen McPhaul, Durham Tech.


rA11y Plan Update 
Accessibility checker for CKEditor
I have a GPL'd copy at  but we can't ship something GPL'd, and it looks very clear that we will not get a version of this under a more compatible licence.
There may be updated in time for our call.
Ready for review!
-If you've got 5 min run the WAVE toolbar ( note the browser extension at the bottom) over page or and report issues it would help!  This would certainly not be a comprehensive review, but it would help developers spot simple regressions and other low hanging fruit.
-Missing the visual access keys from neo-portal
-Focus on quizzes,  Could we create a grease monkey script option for Sakai 11 , to address field focus? Matt to ask dev list.    Use label of "morpheus" in Jira.   Matt C. sent an appeal to Sakai-dev mailing list, no responses.

JIRAs Form field labeling is inconsistent.  Matt C gave some advice.  Anyone want to comment or take up the work? -- Matt to split into more JIRAs in some way, alert sakai-dev about some possible "easy wins"... Extended matching type seems inaccessible Error messages do not take focus and might be difficult to find for some users
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