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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday August 4, 2015
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rA11y Plan Update 
    Invitations to contribute will be going out this week.
    Recording of June Webinar
Accessibility checker for CKEditor
I have a GPL'd copy at  but we can't ship something GPL'd, and it looks very clear that we will not get a version of this under a more compatible licence.
Looks like our best option is 100 or so word README either in the docs or in the source.  Maybe also creating an installation script.
Talking with Matthew Jones he suggested that in Sakai 11, jQuery is available everywhere so it should be easy to install.  It's a little harder to do in Sakai 10 (in the interest of local work "today" or a possbile 10.6) because jQuery isn't always available in 10.
In Sakai 11 it would be placed in one location for source and another for binaries.
Ready for review.
Focus on quizzes,  Could we create a grease monkey script option for Sakai 11 , to address field focus? Matt to ask dev list.    Use label of "morpheus" in Jira. 

JIRAs Form field labeling is inconsistent Extended matching type seems inaccessible
Let's see who we get on the call and we'll look a few more from
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