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Course Management Integration Tutorial Page: Sakai Admin Guide - Course Integration (Documentation)
Course Management Service Page: Educational Services (Documentation)
Creating Sakai user records from an authentication service Page: Sakai Admin Guide - Course Integration (Documentation)
Function Manager Page: Kernel Services (Documentation)
Gradebook Service Page: Educational Services (Documentation)
Group Service Page: Common Services (Documentation)
Install Guide - Troubleshoot (2.x) Page: Maven Build and Deploy (2.x - 3.x) (Documentation)
MySQL Sakai Database (2.x) Page: Sakai 2.9 release notes database support (Documentation)
Page: Sakai 20 Database Support (Documentation)
Page: Sakai 12 database support (Documentation)
Page: Sakai 11 database support (Documentation)
Page: Sakai 19 Database Support (Documentation)
and approximately 1 more…
Request Manager Page: Kernel Services (Documentation)
Sakai CLE 2.8 configuration) Page: Sakai 2.9 Detailed List of Features (Documentation)
Sakai3.0 Blog: Announcing the Availability of Sakai 3.0.0 Milestone 1 (Demo Release) (Personal: Peter A. Knoop)
Session Manager Page: Kernel Services (Documentation)
Tool Manager Page: Kernel Services (Documentation)
another.node.address Page: Exim Configuration (Documentation)
email Page: Sakai Admin Guide - Joining the Community (Documentation)
institution.domain Page: Exim Configuration (Documentation) Page: Exim Configuration (Documentation) Page: Exim Configuration (Documentation)
your.sakai.domain Page: Exim Configuration (Documentation)