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This list is currently buildingin development, while we recruit mentors . Each mentor gets to propose and gather their own proposals and project ideas. 

Once you've got to grips become familiar with Sakai yourself , you might find you've thought of an idea you'd love to work on. That hasn't happened very often in the past but we love it when it does. You'll still need a Sakai mentor though , so you'll need to get on the Sakai Developers mailing list as early as possible, whip up some enthusiasm and connect with a mentor.

2015 Project Mentors (proposed;


others in recruitment)

GSoC Organization Administrators


With Sakai 11, all tools are now inlined except for when there is more than one tool on a page. The only place this happens commonly is on the "Home" page where several synoptic tools are on the page. This effort will rebuild these relatively simple tools using JSR_168 portlets so they can all be on the same page without requiring any iframes.


9) Improve student view of the



Mentor: Charles Severance

We have greatly improved the instructor view of the Gradebook - this effort will improve the student view of the Gradebook.  For example, students will be able to see their own performance relative to average performance of the other students in the class.


If you have questions or want to discuss your ideas, ask on  on the Sakai Developers mailing list, then contact the a a project mentor mentor directly . We will always try our best to respond and give advice, but please be patient as sometimes we have a lot of questions to answer.