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Sakai的版本库或项目的wiki中有各种技术问题的参考资料 (安装文件也存储在其中)。在参考文档模块中可以找到版本中的文档,例如。特别要注意一个文档/架构文件夹,其中包含一个广泛的技术白皮书的集合。

The Confluence wiki is a more informal source of information, but also valuable and broader in scope. New developers in particular should visit the Programmer's Cafe. You are encouraged to create an account there and participate.

But often the most incisive information comes from direct interaction with your peers. As mentioned above, the Collab Server is the place to go for this. For technical questions the best (and most active) such group is DG: Development, also commonly referred to by its alias, "sakai-dev."Confluence wiki是一个非正式的信息源,但是有非常重要的信息,且范围更广泛。特别是新开发人员应该多浏览这些内容,建议您创建账户并参与其中。