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Adobe Connect Meeting Room for Live Demos:

Agenda for


April 7, 2014

(Note:  If no new (i.e., non-standing) agenda items have been added for a given meeting date, we will not meet.)

  1. Plan to turn off radio button for portfolio sites in Sakai 10.
  2. Plan for addressing critical and blocker issues for OSP in Sakai 10.
  3. Possible OSP community resources for QA testing of IU functionality in Sakai 10 (because if it breaks things, they will scale back to OSP 2.9).
  4. 90 OSP Help articles submitted to the new Sakai KB process. Details on when and how they will be available soon. Thanks to all who worked on this project!
  5. Call for portfolio entries for the TWSIA awards - deadline April 4.
  6. BoF on future of portfolios in Sakai and tech demo on portfolios submitted for Open Apereo 2014.
  7. Update on Karuta project - First release scheduled for May 2014; Several sessions on Karuta submitted to Open Apereo 2014.

Standing Agenda Items.

  1. Portfolios for the Future of Sakai (Karuta Demo from 12/2/13 meeting available at
  2. OSP Help .
  3. OSP Technical Status.