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How to contribute translations with Crowdin?

This is very easy!

  1. Just go to 
  2. Register yourself as a Crowdin user.
  3. You can then start adding translations or vote on existing ones.

Each string can have multiple suggested translations by different translators. Some users have Proofreader permissions that will allow them to review all translations and select one of the suggested translations as the 'approved' translation.

How to synch files between SVN and CrowdIn?

Users with Manage permissions can use the Crowdin CLI tool to upload source (resource bundles) to Crowdin. To use the CLI tool you will need a config file that defines which files contain i18n strings. You can find this file attached to this page. You will need to obtain an API key to interact with the CrowdIn API.


Code Block
crowdin-cli upload translations -lNL-nl


How do I become a Proofreader or Manager?

Just contact the project owner or an existing project manager.


How do I get my translations contributed to the Sakai code base?

Please read the instructions at the bottom of this page