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  1. Do we want to have documentation restricted to a vetted group of people?
    1. Reach out to Apereo?
    2. How do we attract people to participate? Keep barriers low?
  2. Look at other open source projects - they keep their documentation in a source control repository 
    1. Do we want to move away from WIKIs? Consensus is Yes (though keep confluence for legacy, but clearly mark it as not reliable)
    2. Keep Wikis... because we're used to it? because it has JIRA linkage?
    3. Use GitHub?
    4. Look at Moodle? DSpace? manages everything in a central repository and releases documentation.
  3. Own our repository for our tech documentation?
  4. Too much crappy documentation currently
  5. We need a decent process and a decent process - use source control, branch and tag entire body of documentation with each release.
    1. What is the base format?
    2. What do other people use for a publishing process?
  6. Get Funding?