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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-07-2013

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  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Mary Stores
  • Neal Caidin
  • Scott Williams
  • Joe Humbert

Any Other Business

Accessibility Certification (NFB)

  • Neil did some research and found out that there is a European body similar to the NFB that can certify a specific level of accessibility (e.g., WCAG 2.0).
  • If Sakai is certified my the European body it will be honored by the NFB or vice versa
  • Neil believes receiving WCAG certification will be easier to achieve than the NFB certification

Sakai MOOC Group

  • This group has just been formed to investigate how to use Saki as a platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).
  • Neil will be keeping us updated on the groups progress because he is sure that there will be accessibility concerns that need to be addressed.

Sakai A11y Help Documentation

  • Multiple group members voiced concerns about the wide variety of experience levels most AT users posses
  • Joe asked Neil about Sakai member institution upgrade plans
    • Neil said most will upgrade within one year to a year and a half
  • Neil said the future of Sakai utilizing the IU knowledge base for help documentation is not certain
  • The Documentation Group is looking into alternatives
    • Edia Knowledge base (
    • The Documentation Group's goal is more frequent updates
  • The AWG has decided until the Documentation group has chosen a new platform for help documentation, we will replace the current Sakai a11y help documentation with a link to a page on the AWG wiki
  • This will allow the AWG to keep the information more up to date
  • Goal for changes to the help documentation is April 18th

Apereo Conference

  • Neil asked if anyone from the AWG will be attending the new Sakai conference which is now called Apereo Conference after the merge
    • Gonzalo will be going
  • The conference and new Apereo foundation is a collaboration with the Jasig Group
  • Neil thought the conference would be a good recruiting opportunity for the AWG
  • Neil and Gonzalo will co-present an accessibility Bird of a Feather presentation
  • Joe is willing to participate via video
  • Mary can create a assistive technology demonstration video, if needed

Sakai Accessible Content Creation Guidelines

  • Joe inquired if we could borrow guidelines from other institutions
    • Gonzalo said that could raise copyright issues
  • Should be base on currently A11y Guidelines, possibly WCAG 2.0
  • Our first priority should be creating guidelines for creating accessible documents using the CK Editor
  • Guidelines should be human readable
  • Try to limit guidelines to one page

Sakai Global Accessibility Preferences/Chat Room Accessibility Preferences

Sakai Accessibility Working Group Email List

  • Gonzalo would like to see more traffic on the listserv
    • Related to discussing accessibility topics or issues that people are currently working on
    • Focused Topics
  • Potential Topics
    • Problem/ solution conversations
    • documentation
    • Sakai tool specific ARIA landmarks
    • ARIA application role
    • ARIA live regions
  • Potential topics will be discussed at future teleconferences

Sakai Release Information

2.10 release

  • Neil stated that 2.10 release planning has not started yet, so he has no updates yet.
  • Neil will update the group

Release Team Meeting

  • 2.9.2 development and testing is underway will continue through the end of March
  • 2.9.2 priorities
    • QA will continue through the end of April
    • priority is on timely maintenance releases
    • Focusing on fixing currently open high priority Jira issues
  • There might be opportunities for the AWG to collaborate with the QA team for improved and efficient testing.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

  • The AWG needs to review this ticket at the next teleconference since we ran out of time this time:
    • Jira


Next Meeting March 21, 2013