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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 01-24-2013

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  • New comments have been added to the modal dialogue warning Jira issue.
  • Joe proposed two solutions:
    • Change which element is being targeted using ARIA labeledby attribute
    • Place hidden content in the currently targeted element containing the same the information in dialogue body.
  • At first a lot of people liked the second idea. But it seems from the most recent meeting is that  the idea is no longer as popular.


Group Promotion and Leadership

  • Neal is still waiting to here has heard back from the security contacts.
    • Once he gets the list, he He will send it to the group.
  • He will be participating in webinars that talk about Sakai changes from 2.8 and 2.9.
    • He will include information about accessibility and put a plug in to expand participation in the Accessibility WG.
  • It is also possible the WG could do a webinar as a group to the larger Sakai community.
  • IU has led the Accessibility WG group since early 2008.
  • There may come a time when Joe will have to step back and become a participant.
  • If anyone would like to volunteer themselves or someone else with their permission, it would be a good thing.
    • As a volunteer, you wouldn’t have to be a programmer, you could delegate tasks you feel you don't have the skills to complete.
  • There have been some concerns raised that the Sakai Accessibility WG could seem IU-directed.


    • out the List to Joe and we will discuss how to reach out for new members at the next teleconference.

Next Meeting February 7, 2013