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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 11-29-2012

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  • Neil Caidin
  • Mary Stores
  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai 2.9.x

2.9 Accessibility Help Documentation

  • Gonzalo looked over the Desire2Learn Accessibility Documentation suggested by Brian as a model
    • He liked the structure and tone
  • The University of Michigan Sakai accessibility documentation Gonzalo has was created by Mike Elledge several years ago.
    • He liked the format of this documentation because it was concise
  • The documentation will be designed to maximize the user experience of AT users with Sakai.
  • Possible structure
    • AT settings for Best Sakai experience (multiple AT types)
    • Contact info
    • Known issues and work arounds
      • possibly by AT type or Sakai tool. This will be determined at a later time
  • The documentation will show that the Sakai community cares about accessibility and usability.
  • Jane and Scott will primarily be working with Gonzalo to update the documentation.
  • Mary and Joe have agreed to help update the JAWS specific portion.
  • Accessibility help documentation should  be targeted for Feb. 1 so it is ready in time for the 2.9.2 release.

Release Team Meeting

  • Jira ticket SAM-1692: default human language not being set up in a frame.
    • The primary language is set in source code so non-changeable based on language preferences of user or internationalization.
    • In future releases, the default language will be specified but will be chosen by the user.
    • A new parent ticket will need to be created in the overarching CLE ticket system because this issue touches many tools and the Samigo ticket should become a subtask.
      • Joe will work on creating the new ticket and work with tool managers to create tickets for there tool.
    • Neil suggested this issue be brought up at the next release meeting to see if this can be targeted for 2.9.2 or if it will have to wait till 2.10.
  • Jira ticket SAM-1296: 5 minute warning modal box in test or quizes may or may not get into 2.9.1. fix did not work as expected.
  • 2.9.x maintenance release schedule
    • 2.9.1-rc01 December 7
    • 2.91-rc02 December 16
    • 2.9.1 release December 20 or 21.
  • 2.9.2 should come out end of Feb., early March.

2.9.1 Release

  • There are about 10 Jiras that will marked for inclusion into 2.9.1

    • Jira
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    • Jira
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  • There are other issues that did not get targeted at all, so perhaps they can be resolved in 2.9.2 release.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

Review in Progress

  • Testing should continue as much as possible.
    • Joe will work with Brian to make sure the test server gets updated with new test builds.
    • Scott Williams and a Michigan student are working on testing as well.
  • Because of finals, collaborative testing will be pushed off to after Christmas break
  • Before Christmas break, the Accessibility WG will focus on tool review and once the RCs get release, reverify and do regression testing.

Any Other Business

  • Collaborative test and quizzes testing is being pushed off until after New Years to focus on maintenance release testing.
  • Accessibility Preferences will be pushed off until after New Years.
  • Neil brought up the topic of NFB certification for Sakai
    • Joe thought it was a good idea because most other major LMS have some form of certification