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  • 2012-11-19 Conference Call

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  • 2.9 Released
    • Indiana University planning to upgrade in May
    • University of Michigan planning to upgrade in December
  • Future Plans to upgrade more quickly/often
    • 2.9.1 by end of year
    • 2.9.2 by next February/March
  • Indiana University has some new features to contribute soon

Functional Updates.:

  • Educause Update
    • Ian Dolphin, Sakai Foundation; Josh Baron, Marist; Chris Maurer, Indiana University; Jacques Raynauld, Montréal MATI; Janice Smith, 3 Canoes; Marc Zaldivar, Virginia Tech; Chuck Severance; Japanese contingencies; and others were present in conversations re: portfolio/OSP in Sakai
      • Status of OAE discussed; portfolios/OSP to be better integrated into Sakai in future
      • Portfolios for the Future of Sakai (two parts)
        • General focus – portfolios in OAE and more
        • Montréal MATI’s pilot work w/Kyoto and others
          • OSP may be incubation project for Aperio(Sakai/Jasig) Foundation
      • Afternoon hands-on session(s)