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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 06-28-2012

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  • Gonzalo has been focusing on CLE. He has poured a lot of energy into critical accessibility issues.
  • The Add and Action menus have been a challenge for screen reader users to operate, so this is one of the issues Gonzalo has focused on.
    • jQuery UI library claimed to be accessible, but it was never complete, So a configuration was created manually.
    • It was not keyboard accessible and lacked ARIA markup.
    • A student made it keyboard accessible and made a branch. It was such a heavy requirement because of inheriting an entire library that it was cumbersome to work with.
    • Brian ended up going back and added ARIA atributes to what was there and he coded an interaction javascript handler to make the menus work.
    • Mary tested with JAWS. Brian tested keyboard accessibility. The visual appearance seems to be fine.
    • But we don’t know if it will work with VoiceOver.
    • Scott will look at it.
    • Brian would like to write up a little document on how to get to it. It would only be in the nightly versions.
    • Gonzalo marked it verified because there must be a push for beta 6 to come out.
    • So we need to make a good QA effort when the group decides to reevaluate these CLE tools.
    • There are significant changes in its visual appearance.
  • NeoPortal has been changed, and in doing that, some of the changes Gonzalo made got lost.
    • We are really going to have to start from scratch doing accessibility review once NeoPortal comes out.
    • Currently site navigation in NeoPortal causes difficulties for screen reader users because of an incomplete ARIA markup job.
  • The user Presence feature also needs to be re-checked for accessibility because of the changes made.
  • There is an opportunity to get fixes in through julyJuly. If there is a particular tool that should be focused on for review, there is an opportunity to do so this month.


  • Both sessions Brian and Joe did – presented - one an update on Sakai OAE, and the other a BOF session of ah-ha definition of screen reader, etc. - with adaptive technology demos - were well attended. There were a lot of good questions.
  • The slides are available at
  • Brian got the chance to sit down and work with Charles Hecric. Went through ten or fifteen different issues with lesson builder. He put some fixes in so when they come out with the new beta, Lesson Builder will be fairly accessible. He kept a lot of the user interactions designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Brian also got together with some people from the CLE release team.  talked about User Presence and NeoPortal issues with them.