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  1. Start tomcat
  2. Login to sakai as user: admin, password: admin
  3. In the workspace panel, click My Workspace
  4. In the left panel, click Sites
  5. In the Sites function page¡¯s pages panel, click New Site
  6. Name the new site¡¯s Site Id as site breeze or any other words (or whatever you like).
  7. Click Save button at bottom to finish its creation.
  8. Click Worksite Setup in the left panel.
  9. Select breeze (the new created site¡¯s site's name), click Revise in the Worksite Setup function page panel.
  10. Click Edit Tools in the function panel.
  11. Select both Aurai - Sakai Breeze Integration. Sakai Breeze Integration Tool and Schedule in the list, click Continue button, click Finish button.
  12. Enter the breeze site by clicking it in the workspace panel.
  13. If there's Aurai - Sakai Breeze Integration appearing appears in the left panel , congratulations! You've rightly installed breeze then you have correctly installed the tool.
    1. There could be some configuration problemsissues, please refer to the How to configure breeze tool in Sakai part in the Installation Guide.