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Requests for branches can be made by anyone interested in participating in the Sakai Community. Branch requestors must be willing to maintain the branch and assist Sakai committers with bug fixing and other branch management tasks if required. Additionally, all developers with access to the branch must sign the Sakai Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to ensure that their branch contributions can be merged with Sakai trunk code if warranted. Typically, branches are created in the Sakai SVN repository but branches can also be located in external repositories. Irrespective of location, all branches are subject to the terms and conditions of the Sakai Licence.License. (See also: License Management Practice)

Branch requests

Branch requests start with a public announcement on the Sakai-Dev list that outlines briefly the rationale for the branch. The branch requestor should also alert our SVN administrators who handle the actual mechanics of branch creation at Following the branch request an open comment period of one business day will follow before action can be taken on the branch request. Objections to the branch request can be lodged by any member of the Sakai-Dev Discussion Group. If objections cannot be resolved favorably within two business days as a result of discussion and consensus-building on the list, the impasse shall be resolved by a majority vote of eligible committers subject to the voting rules outlined below (see Voting).