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Test Condition

Expected Result



As user with site.upd (Instructor) Create a syllabus item (create/edit >>Add) that includes content  in wysiwyg and attachments

Syllabus item is created successfully and item is listed as posted on create/add screen



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Edit a syllabus item (create/edit >>click item title).  Edit content 

Syllabus can be edited successfully



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Delete a syllabus item (create/edit >>click item title)

Syllabus item is deleted successfully



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Redirect to a website

Users should click on syllabus and website should appear in frame.  Existing items do not display



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Save syllabus item as draft

Draft is saved - draft appears in status column



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Preview syllabus before posting

Syllabus can be previewed



As Student/Instructor print three following syllabus types

  1. syllabus items created with tool
  2. syllabus redirected to
  3. syllabus redirected to

Syllabuses not redirected open in a new window with Print and Close window action links.  Entire syllabus prints.  Redirected pages are opened in new window


As an instructor, the first test of the syllabus items created with the syllabus tool was successful. When the print button was pressed, a new window popped up with print and close window action links. 
The redirected page using the "" url does not open in a new window, it opens in a new tab. Printing works successfully.
The redirected page using the url, an error sign pops up saying "redirect URL is invalid" 


As Student/Instructor View syllabus

Syllabus can be viewed



As Student/Instructor Click help

Help tool window pops-up displaying syllabus help documentation.



The qa2-US server does not load the help tool window pop-up. However, it does load on qa1-nl.

Full Regression