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Description: Tool for creating and configuring sites.

Template Functionality

Template Functionality was previously available as a Contributed Patch,

. The template functionality is included in Sakai 2.7.0.


Basically, when user tries to create a new site using 'Worksite Setup' tool in 'My Workspace', there is a new option 'based on a template site'. When a user choose this option, user can choose a template from a drop-down list of available templates, e.g. all site with site ID start with "template" (e.g. "template-course", "template.graduate", "template_committee"). sites with a property template=true. As mention before, there is no need to activate/hide the template feature in file. In the following steps, the user has to enter project information, set site access, and confirm the site setup. The tool selection page is skipped as the tools are already defined in the chosen template site. As mentioned previously, the user can add or remove tools from the new site, once created.


  1. Login as admin
  2. Click "Sites" from left-hand menu
    1. Click "New site"
      1. Fill: Site id: "template.graduate" or "template-committee"
      2. Fill: Type: "project" or "course"
      3. Click button "Pages"
      4. Click "New Page"
        1. Title: "Site Info"
        2. Click button "Tools"
          1. Click "New Tool"
            1. Select "Site Info (sakai.siteinfo)"
            2. Click button "Save"
  3. Select the template-graduate site at the gold menu bar.
    1. Click "Site Info"
    2. Add Participants: add template maintainer(s) and give them a "maintain" role.
  4. Logout, then login as the maintainer user, load the project site, and then add tools and content as needed.
    1. Goto site info, and publish the site so that it appears in the template drop down list when users create a new site (only do this if your template is ready).