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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-08-12

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  • Scott Williams
  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai 2.9 Updates

  • The current release is still in Beta 2.
  • Joe will try to input Jiras from the past accessibility review.
  • He will try and update the test server this upcoming weekend. Data may have to be re-entered after the update.

E-mail Concern

  • An e-mail was sent because several people were looking at QA servers and were wondering if the critical issues documented on 41 pages of Confluence were ever addressed.
  • The e-mail stated that only one Jira was pushed for 2.9.
  • They were wondering what has been addressed on the 2.9 review.
  • They asked How have critical accessibility issues been dealt with historically?
  • A lot of issues have not been logged yet.

OAE Review

  • The version 1.1 accessibility review kickoff meeting was two weeks ago.

Preparing to Test

  • Accounts have been created and data is going to be maintained on the test server
  • Joe is hoping to have 5 or 6 test accounts set up so collaborative testing can happen.
  • The version on the test server has very few 1.2 features.
  • Scott has already added his name for testing signups.
  • The focus is to get high priority functional areas reviewed.
  • The target date is April 12 to have all the testing done.
  • Testing officially starts today.

Walkthrough Scripts

  • The majority of walkthrough scripts are drafts, so Joe is modifying those to use language that indicates a universal, user-friendly experience, e.g., Instead of "click here" put other language, and replace visual icons with words.
  • He plans to have all of the walkthroughs done by March 14.

OAE Accessibility Road Map

  • Joe would like to create an overview of the state of OAE to outline accessibility thus far - where it's lacking, where it needs to be improved, and what improvements have been made since version 0.1.
  • Joe hopes to have that document draft to submit to the WG Accessibility list by April 20.

Future Planned Use of OAE by Institutions

  • Once version 1.3 is release on April 18 and there are standard features from the LMS, more schools might implement CLE.
  • IU maybe possibly considering a pilot deployment in the fall or spring of next year.
  • Michigan has a pilot planned for next year.
  • There may be issues with a hybrid incorporation of CLE and OAE.
  • Joe is hoping that testing can be done this fall or later this spring to determine if there could be accessibility issues from the hybrid.
  • Gonzalo predicts that any issues that pop up will be fairly minor. The integration is smooth.

OAE Release Schedule

  • 1.2: March 9
  • 1.3: April 18
  • 1.4 sometime in June
  • Version 2 is scheduled to be released in August.

Future Accessibility Reviews for OAE

  • Joe is working with particularly Kent Fitzgerald to get accessibility testing done earlier on.
  • Some of his plans to do that have fallen through because someone vacated a position.
  • Joe is continuing to address jira tickets for Sakai OAE and logging new ones.

OAE 1.1 Review Results

  • The 1.1 review will give the OAE developers an idea of the biggest areas that may need to be adjusted from the development level.
  • One of the biggest challenges is that the developers feel that some of the changes may change the complexity and design of the functional areas.
  • Joe has seen pushback in a lot of those cases.
  • Gonzalo was hoping to come up with a user preference way of setting things such as activating accesskeys, show scheduling, or things that involve design changes.
  • This will be a topic for the next conference call.