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Sakai Documentation Content Working Group Meeting - March 8, 2012


  • Elizabeth Venstra
  • Rebecca Darling
  • Matt Clare
  • Lorie Stolarchuk
  • Barb Kerns
  • Patrick Lynch (in part)
  • Alan Regan


  • Status Updates
  • Do we have enough reviewers? Is the model working?
  • Important dates as we approach the end of this project
  • Discussion of any format or other questions
  • Alan attempts to wake up. An important point.

Status Updates:

  • Announcements
  • Forums
    • Matt is offering volunteers for reviewers to move from Forums to announcements to help Alan out. Alan accepts
    • We gained the help of Elise Mueller & Fawei Geng -- I'll suggest they might want to look at annoucements
  • Gradebook
    • Nancy & Robin are both helping with Gradebook. It's working well. 1st draft of all Gradebook pages have been reviewed. 
    • Some wording changes recommended. 
  • Roster
    • Alan and Barb working on it. Making progress.
    • only working on group membership at this point - new material - If Alan hangs on another day, the content may appear shortly because IU is working on releasing group membership doc to the community.  
    • Elizabeth will let Alan know when she makes that live
  • Schedule
    • Patrick will have first pass done in next few days
    • Neal from Duke said he'd take a look, but didn't get back as to when/if he'd be able to do it . . .
    • Alan's going to toss out another 'pitch in' request to see if we can get one more person on the schedule. 


Lost Mathieu & have split Alan due to Sakai-Jasig conference

Unclear on the master sheet who specifically worked on each page.

Sakai Documentation Review Underway -- Please Pitch In! article in Feb 2 Sakai Newsletter

How do you know when your documentation is finished

If you're pretty confident things are correct regarding what you click, and it's not confusing for the users ... that may be good enough. Otherwise, two sets of eyeballs agree it looks good, changes are clear for Elizabeth's team to make.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Let's clear this out and make space for the bigger conversations.

Elizabeth's team will be polishing in terms of grammar, so really just looking for technical corrections

If things look odd to Elizabeth, She'll toss it back to the editing/review team

** Anything you can mark done now, please do so, so Elizabeth's team can start creating the documents **

(stephen at cape town will)Freeze 2.8, then point repository to 2.9, then we can make all our documents live all at once. (but then changes can be made to the documents later, for anyone who has not yet installed Sakai 2.9

It will take a little while for our docs to actually get in to Sakai 2.9. May take 2-3wks from our completion date to a roll-out into Sakai2.9. 
  (or it may not; I'm not really good at estimating the time . . .)

Additional Sakai documentation meetings will be added

Alan will add another scheduled conference call after March 22nd including Elluminate.

Conference planning:

  • Technical birds of a feather?
    • We should probably engage Stephen Marquard in the discussion--I think he'd be glad to hand off his role in this thing entirely, but we may need some of the expertise he has.  Making sure we schedule something he can attend might be helpful.
  • Progress report and lessons learned from collaborate doc project
  • Five tools.  Several people.  Couple of months.
  • Recommended next steps?


March 2 - deadline for first pass
March 5-16 - review first pass and provide comments to authors
March 19-30 - authors take notes and revise pages for final drafts
Finished by April 2 in time for Sakai 2.9 release month


March 8, 2012

11:39 Matt Clare: Will do
11:40 Alan Regan: Thank you, Matt! Can definitely use help on Announcements.
11:40 Alan Regan: I like all of your and Kerrie's work on Forums. Thanks!
11:40 Alan Regan: Can hear you Lorie. Thanks!
11:42 Alan Regan: Do you have a sample page for us to look at Lorie (re: wording)?
11:43 Lorie Stolarchuk:
11:44 Lorie Stolarchuk:
11:52 unnamed: Patrick here suffering technology right now
11:53 Becca: Hi Patrick
11:53 Matt Clare: I agree
11:55 Matt Clare: We've agreed on style, etc. If the facts are correct and the style matches then it should be done for now, and ready for another round
11:57 Matt Clare: But all our other efforts would have helped them!
11:58 Alan Regan: Hi, Patrick. Welcome!
11:58 Becca: yep. sounds fine.
11:58 Lorie Stolarchuk: Agreed, sounds fine!
11:58 Alan Regan: Sounds good, Elizabeth.
11:58 Becca: Good point :)
11:58 Patrick Lynch: I cant get eluminate sound working
11:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: Were you able to do the audio wizard Patrick?
11:59 Alan Regan: Saw that thread. Thx for sharing, Eliz.
11:59 Patrick Lynch: I would have finished first pass on schedule today, but the computuing centre accidently banned google docs
11:59 Alan Regan: D'oh!
11:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: OMG, that's awful!
12:00 Patrick Lynch: its back now so I should get first pass completed in a few days
12:00 Matt Clare: Oh OSP
12:00 Lorie Stolarchuk: I can see Patrick is trying the audio wizard now. Maybe he'll be with us shortly!
12:01 Patrick Lynch: no it cant talk to my speakers or my headset
12:01 Matt Clare: East Coast lunch time?
12:03 Alan Regan: "Sometime in April."
12:03 Alan Regan: Release schedule still vague.
12:04 Alan Regan: If helps, I added a "Done" column where people can leave an X or say done.
12:04 Alan Regan: In the master doc
12:09 Alan Regan: I'm good. :)
12:09 Alan Regan: :)
12:09 Patrick Lynch: Any interest in a session at the conference on Documentation?
12:10 Becca: Lorie, that's really cool that you're seeing connections between this and your academic work.
12:10 Becca: Patrick, I think it would be good to at least have a BoF for documentation as in past conferences
12:10 Elizabeth Venstra: Agreed
12:10 Patrick Lynch: Cool
12:11 Alan Regan: Agreed -- please submit a proposal! We need 'em!
12:11 Patrick Lynch: I can draft something and share if everyone is happy with that?
12:11 Alan Regan: Awesome!
12:11 Becca: That sound great
12:11 Becca: Thank you!
12:11 Elizabeth Venstra: Maybe it would be a good time to collar some technical folks and get a serious conversation going on alternatives to the current system?
12:11 Patrick Lynch: my thoughts too
12:11 Becca: Yes we did, Alan :)
12:12 Barb Kerns: Yes, Alan.
12:12 Alan Regan: yes.
12:12 Alan Regan: Thx!
12:12 Lorie Stolarchuk: Yup, some technical folks, and a proposal for a BoF at the conference have my vote!
12:12 Matt Clare: Same here
12:13 Becca: Yes. I think the lessons learned are a good thing too. We've had two collaborative doc revisions since last year's conference
12:13 Alan Regan: NOTE: I cannot submit a proposal. Since I'm on the committee, I can only review proposals.
12:13 Patrick Lynch: you can submit, but not review your own
12:13 Alan Regan: I can certainly participate, though!
12:14 Lorie Stolarchuk: I thought Patrick had stepped up for the proposal. Did I read that right?
12:14 Alan Regan: (When I lot in, I only have the admin interface now...)
12:14 Alan Regan: log in, that is
12:14 Lorie Stolarchuk: log in where Alan?? We're all over the place. Sakai 2.9, Titan Pad, Collaborate?
12:14 Lorie Stolarchuk: Conference??
12:15 Alan Regan: Sorry. To the Call for Proposals form.
12:15 Patrick Lynch: conference management thingamabobby
12:15 Alan Regan: Exactly. Well put.
12:15 Lorie Stolarchuk: Oh! I haven't logged in there yet, so I'm a luddite it appears.
12:16 Alan Regan: Lorie, I agree with your earlier comment that the collaborative writing (aside some old wiki) is a little lacking in Sakai. rSmart has a Google Apps integration, though.
12:16 Elizabeth Venstra: We done with Collaborate?
12:17 Lorie Stolarchuk: Yah, the whole collaborative group thing is chugging slowly in the Sakai world
12:18 Becca: We're doing a fair amount of mixing and matching between our Google Apps for Ed instance and Sakai.
12:18 Lorie Stolarchuk: Hey, I have to go now, sorry! If there's a conference thingamabobby you need feedback, I'd be happy to help out. I'm not 100% sure I'm able to go this year due to son's graduation, but will know by the end of April (sigh).
12:18 Becca: But it's all done through web links. a bit awkward.
12:19 Becca: I need to run as well. Thanks again!
12:21 Patrick Lynch: Bye gang
12:22 Barb Kerns: Bye all.
12:22 Alan Regan: bye all! thannks so much!
12:23 Alan Regan: Conf is June 10-15 in Atlanta.
12:24 Alan Regan: